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May 27, 2003
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Abbots Langley
Is it posible to watch a TV source on a networked PC that is feeding into another PC on your LAN?

I heard somewhere that if you had a pair of Radeon something like this was possible.
The Nebula card has streaming capability, either the whole stream or by channel.

Nebula streaming across the network works wonderfully, the only difficulty I'm having is convincing my firewall (Sygate) that the mass of streamed data is not a Denial-of-service attack.

Once I get that sorted I'll be very happy with it in-deed.

Ah yes the ubiquitous nebula card!

So how does it work? Do you have to run any client software on the recipient PC?

Plus is there another way? I've got an analogue capture card, because I get NTL: Digital. I couldn't distribute Sky One round the house with a Nebula.

see this link

Basically if the server has an All-in-wonder you just run the Ati multimedia center on all your PCs and hey presto a multi media server (including live TV).

So a cheappy PC + TFT in bedrooms could watch and control any video source, for less than an LCD telly from John Lewis.

Convergence at last. You won't have to use wireless video senders etc, just an existing wired or wireless LAN.

So I'm, excited. What am I missing? What;s the down side? (like you have to have a Radeon card in each PC, which impacts on the price/size of the HCPC case?)

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