Watching TIVO via AE100E ( How ? )


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Its finnaly here, and would you not know it, im full of cold and in no mood to try and set the thing up, but in anticipation of when the time comes can anyone answer the above question ?

I have Component cables for my DVD player

S-Video from the amp for sources such as X-BOX and LD player

but have no idea how to hook up the TIVO - I had planned to watch TIVO just on TV but then I mate said " just think of watching the football on it " and now have had to rethink

Any ideas ?

Preferably something cheap and chearful ( im broke now :) )


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RGB to s-video convertor into Dscaler capable HTPC into VGA on projector... groovy.


or RGB Scart to S-Video converter then into Pro-V and out to projector using VGA.

richard plumb

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Cheap answer - SCART-composite box from maplins (£5 ish). Then set your TiVo to composite output. Lower quality but hey, its cheap (and the ProV might improve it a bit)

My method - new version 2 RGB->S-video converter from John Sims (link above), into proV via amp (switching all s-video sources so far)

This new version has the added benefit of having a SCART output, so you can still connect your tiVo to the TV, complete with widescreen switching pins still connected.

£75 though...


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