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OK I've read just about every thread on the ups and downs of buying a projector, I'm finally certain that its going to be a Z1 and I'm going to be on the phone tomorrow to order it.


What kind of cable will I need for watching Sky through the Z1, on my Sky box all I can see is scart output?

My DVD player has an S video output so thats straight forward enough.

Any help would be appriciated!!


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Hi Goonerpaul,

You can get a SCART to Phono adaptor = scart one end, and three phonos on the other, red and white for audio, yellow for composite video. You need to watch out cause these come directional sometimes, you need one which will send the signal from the scart to the phonos. Some adaptors come with a switch on them, allowing them to be "in" or "out". Connect red and white to a spare channel on your amp, and yellow (composite video) to the corresponding yellow composite video socket on the Z1. ( you'll probably need an extension phono to phono lead for this) If you toddle along to Maplins you should pick one up ok.

If you find the tv picture poor, then check out posts on the ProV - it does the business for TV, and pretty darn good on DVD too.

See here http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=55466
for further details.

Good luck

Sean G.


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Also from Maplins you can get a Scart rgb -> SVideo coverter about £70 this should give you better quality than the compersite route


Thanks, looks like its time to get spending and max out the credit card.

Please tell me its all going to be worth it!

It seems a bit daunting going from watching films on a run of the mill 29" TV to watching a screen the size of a small car!



I am currently running sky via a pro-v on my Z1 and it is very good, although I found the composite straight in to be perfectly watchable, I just wanted on single cable running to the projector for both composite, and SVideo.
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