Watching sky UHD in two rooms


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I am not the technical sort so need a solution please.

I'm hoping to be able to watch sky UHD on two rooms. Doesn't need to be seperate channels, I just want the option when watching football to either watch in living room or kids playroom.

Assuming I need to plug a device into back of sky box that let's me run two HDMI cables from it. One to TV A and one to TV B?

I'm having some work done to the house so hoping to have hdmi cables plug into a wall unit behind the teles, so guessing I need something that allows that?

What bits do I need please?

Same for PS5 now I think about it.


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Don’t you need to pay for multiroom?


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I have multiroom which gives you extra boxes. But not UHD capable ones.

So I need to run hdmi from one box to two tvs I guess?


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To display a signal from an external source on two different TVs, you need a '1 in 2 out' HDMI splitter and you need to make sure it supports the resolution, frequency and other formats required so, for a Sky Q box, I suspect that would be 2160p (4K/UHD) @ 50/60Hz and HDR as a minimum, but there may be others I'm not aware of (I'm not a Sky user).

That spec would also cover you for PS5 games up to the same resolution but, if you were wanting [email protected], then that might be trickier to achieve - many splitters only support [email protected]

A quick look for '1 in 2 out HDMI splitter' on Amazon will show you that this is all a bit of a minefield ! Splitters are invariably lesser-branded, generic boxes from China, each with slightly differing and fairly confusing specs. Some claim to support up to [email protected] but when you read the product description, that can change to [email protected] when feeding 2 TVs at once.

Note that some splitters are reversible (so will function as both '1 in 2 out' and '2 in 1 out' splitters/switches). The terms 'HDMI splitter' and 'HDMI switch' are also often used interchangeably - this article explains the differences. You probably need to decide whether you want the ability to display on both screens at the same time or whether you'd be happy with having to manually switch between the displays each time, bearing in mind where they might be located (behind a Sky box or console is unlikely to be convenient)

If you want to do this with two different devices (eg. Sky Q and a PS5) then there may be one-box solutions available with both multiple inputs and outputs to avoid you needing two separate splitters.

Another important consideration is the distance between the Sky Q box and the furthest TV so I would read up on the maximum distance you can expect to transmit a 4K signal via HDMI. There is some useful information here and this AV Forums thread suggests there might be some trial and error involved when choosing cables, if the distance is over the maximum length generally recommended. With that in mind, don't bury cables until they've been properly tested !

All things considered... if you have a Sky Mini box in the playroom, I would be tempted to live with 1080p ! :D

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