Watching Sky programmes from a projector?



I have a DVD, AV receiver and projector set up in my rear room and would like to watch Sky movies, football etc from the projector. The problem is my Sky receiver is in the front room and cannot be moved.

Can anyone suggest how can I send the output from the Sky receiver to the AV receiver? Thanks.


You can really only go about 10 metres maximum with composite or s-video. You could consider a video sender, but they are not ideal.


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Buy a second box for about £50, and extend your existing package for a further £10 a month from SKY. When it is set up invite in a few mates, I am sure they will be glad to supply the beer and crisps to see Premier class football on a large screen.


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It sounds that I have a very similar setup to yourself & I have fed from my sky box in the front room to my AV receiver with a 10m composite cable, (luckily have hollow floors so route was quite direct), but don't seem to have any problems picture wise, sound isn't as impressive due to the composite imput (not got sky+) opposed to DVD digital imput


I don't have hollow floors so it looks like I have to drill a small hole through the partition wall. Thanks.


If a get a second box as suggested by Barry can I use the same SKY card?


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Unfortunately your Sky Viewing card is 'married' to your viewing box so you cannot use it in another. Unless there's a way around that which I'm not aware of!!


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Is it a DVD player or DVD recorder you have.

I have my SKY+ conected by RGB Scart to panasonic DVD recorder.

From the DVD recorder i run 15M component cable to projector.



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I have my sky receiver downstairs and projector upstairs. Using the receiver's RF OUT 2 connection I run a RF cable upstairs through a tv link unit and into a video recorder, and then composite to the projector. Obviuosly the quality is not as good as S-Video but it does the job for the sport.

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If you're going to end up drilling a hole in the wall it's worth taking the little extra bit of trouble to use an RGB cable. Composite really is not up to the job of driving a projector. You'd be very dissapointed with the picture. If you've got a dvd recorder that can convert the RGB from your Sky box to component use that instead; the plugs on the end are smaller than a scart and you wont have to drill such a big hole.

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Hi Algor

if you want to watch movies then forget those wireless senders, it is composite video which on a big screen wont look good at all. We have some boxes that allow you to send better quality video over CAT5 cable which is cheap and easy to install. You then just have to consider how to get the audio across - again we can provide boxes to do this.

all the best

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