Watching sky in India???


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I've been told 10's of thousands of people watch UK SKY in Spain and other places by registering the card in the UK...and paying subscriptions then taking the disc, machine and card to Spain...pointing the disc in the right direction and hay in whichever country you're in.

I'm potentially moving to Indian in about a month (in final negotiations)., Does any one know if I could use this approach in India? India sky is incredibly limited and so need a way to get UK SKY so the family stay sane. :D...I've got a 50" plasma and don't want to use some kind of low quality broadband streaming think...especially as broadband is very limited as well in India (for residential).

Any help gratefully received :D


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Sorry, but you've got two hopes mate.
Even Tenerife is a struggle.


I am not sure if this going to be of any help to you but Sky has linked up with an indian company and now everyone must have the boxes and sky cards to watch tv in India, as long as you are in one of the big cities.



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If you plan to subscribe indian version of SKY, forget the plans of getting a 50" plasma, as you have good chances of screen burn. tata sky has its own logo along with standard broadcaster logo.

also pic is pretty crap via s-video

Already have a 50" plasma that doesn't suffer from screen burn..believe me my daughter has paused cartoons for a whole day!!

Yes, Slingbox seems to be my only option...although the resolution I'm going to get will be pretty unwatchable blowing up to 50"..especially over a tiny 256kb line which I think it the biggest you can get domestically.


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Not sure if this helps, but I have spent some time working in india. Slingbox was hit and miss. Sometimes the download speeds were great, other times it was unwatchable. Can't remember who my ISP was.

One thing that I was impressed by was the range of tv channels available there - especially with regard to sport and movies. Maybe when you get out there, you might find that you aren't missing the Sky channels you don't have?


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though they claim broadband, still not fast enough to stream contents via slingbox. i've tried this whilst my last holiday [in madras].

I suspect it depends on where you are and who your ISP is. Like i said above, I lived in India for a while last year (and this year) and often used my Slingbox to watch Sky. When the service was good, it was fast enough to stream the footy in good quality. However, it was often hit and miss and sometimes it was just unwatchable.


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Thanks very much guys. Really appreciate the responses.

The tv in the hotel was dire. Thats what filled me with fear and started my search. Perhaps I'll sick with local satellite for now and maybe get a slingbox once I'm confident I can get a reasonable broadband speed.

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