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Watching recorded Sky+ programmes without a satellite input


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I bought a new 2tb Sky+HD box to replace my old Sky+HD box because I kept running out of space. The person at Sky I spoke to on their IM support thing said that I would be able to watch the programmes I had recorded on my old box after I had moved to the new one but I have a feeling I may have been told porkies.

I bought an HDMI splitter and now have both boxes on my TV. My new box has the satellite and ethernet cables in it and works fine (and is a lot faster than my old box too which is nice).

The new one is plugged into the splitter and the power but has nothing else connected. When I switch it on I get an error about no satellite signal, which is to be expected. But when I go to Planner it says "Searching for listings" and just sits there for several minutes before returning me to the message complaining about no signal.

I'm hoping that I don't need to keep plugging/unplugging the satellite cables in order to get this to work because frankly I am terrified of the wiring round the back of my TV (there are just too many cables there!). And chances are I will also end up messing up a new recording when I do so.

Is there any way around this? It's just a temporary thing until I've seen everything. It sounds like copying stuff off the old box is also pretty difficult and I would need a TV card for my PC or a DVD recorder, neither of which I have.

(I have contacted Sky support by email but no reply yet. I can't face phoning them because it's usually such a long-winded and irritating thing to do! To be honest, replies from here are usually infinitely more useful than anything I would get from Sky)

You wouldn't think this sort of thing would be so hard!

(Of course the other issue I'll have is that my Sky remote controls both boxes simultaneously which could be interesting if I'm going in and deleting from the planner but I guess I'll deal with that if I can get it to work!)


A Sky PVR will not play recordings unless it has a working connection to the satellite dish.
It will then normally play them only if the card which is currently "paired" to it is inserted, and your card is presumably "paired" not to it, but to the new machine.
These are simple facts, so Sky gave you false information when you ordered the new machine, and should have replied without delay to your message - which IS the best way of making enquiries:thumbsup: - and confirmed them.
You could get a recorder and have the card temporarily "paired" back to the original machine.
That would record only "in real time" and would be tedious but it is something that people often do.
It's not a good idea to disconnect and reconnect satellite cables, and when you do it's essential fully to power off the machines - not just put them into standby.
There isn't anything to split so I don't get the reference to an "HDMI splitter".
If that's actually a combiner or a switch they don't work well with Sky machines and a separate connection to the TV would be better.
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Thanks very much for such a comprehensive reply. Although not the answer I was hoping for, I very much appreciate knowing where I stand. It's the great thing about these forums - always someone able to give a really quick and helpful response.

Now if only I could hear that straight from the serpent's tongue... I'm pretty annoyed with them really - I never get the impression they care all that much about existing customers.

Btw the HDMI splitter thing - I meant a switch I think. I got this: Proxima Direct® AUTO IR Remote 3 Port HDMI Switch Hub: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

It seems to work pretty well, but I won't have much need for it once I disconnect the other box. It was just a short-term thing as all the HDMI sockets on my TV are in use.


That's OK, and it is bad, both that Sky told you the wrong story, and that the restriction exists.
When they cause any problem the Complaints form at MySky is available,and worth using.;)
That is a switch you've been using, and you've been lucky in getting one that worked well.
You could have used one of the other connections direct from that PVR to TV though - one cable fewer!


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I did finally get a reply from Sky just now confirming what you say. I have asked them why they deliberately misled me on this. I'll use the complaints form if I don't get anything satisfactory from them.

One of their suggestions was that I could record onto VHS. Honestly, what year are we in? :D It's a shame recordable DVD never took over - I had a quick look and it seems like an expensive option for a one-off. It would probably be cheaper and less hassle to shell out on a load of box sets.

I should have known better than to trust Sky - I had a nagging doubt about it as well. :(

Anyway enough ranting - again, thanks very much for your help!


You're very welcome and I do recommend putting in a complaint.
The idea about tape was absurd, but DVD is a practical proposition and recorders are quite plentiful and inexpensive.


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Are they? The cheapest I found was still over £100 which is a bit more than I want to pay for something I'll use once. Maybe I need to look a little harder! I guess there's the card for my PC which I could try but it didn't sound that simple when I looked into it before.


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A dvdr is the easiest solution in use, though you need to playback and record in real time and you'll only get SD video. You should be able to get cheaper than £100 but do look on eBay etc for second hand ones you should be able to find something for £10-20.



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