Watching recorded plus live sky plus in different rooms.

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Oct 18, 2001
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something the is confusing me as a new owner of sky plus.

I am able to record and the sky plus box is connected in the lounge via scart plug into the projector, the rf output goes to the amplifier in the roof which then distributes sky throught the house.

In two of the rooms with sky transmitted via rf, I can change channels and control the sky plus.

What I want to know is how to watch recorded sky plus on the projector and live in the rest of the house or vice versa.

Is it even possible?
Adam ,I have Sky+ connected via scart to VCR ,the RF from VCR goes to a distribution amp in roof space to 6 more TVs.So I can have Sky + on all TVs at the same time .Hope that helps .Jim
It is not possible.

I too wanted to do this, I hoped that with two tuners Sky would have produced the boxes so that RF1 output could show a channel and RF2 output could show another channel or a recording.

Whatever channel or recording you watch on your Sky+ box is output from both RF sockets and Scart.

It makes sense from Sky's point of view as if you could watch two channels on two tv's at once from one box you would not need to buy a mirror subscription from Sky - those boys are'nt daft.
Just to second wot Techno said, its not possible.
ok guys, so long as I know then it means there is nothing I need to do to alter the setup.


it does make sense as you say, but then you wouldnt be able to watch two lives progs, you would just be time shifting one from an earlier time that you had legitimately paid for.

But then I suppose, you can record another channel at the same time as watching another, so they need to put this in place.
The reason that you can't watch a live thing and a recorded thing at the same time is that AFAIK the Sky+ box streams the digital signal straight to the hard drive, therefore it needs to be decoded in order to be output to TV/Proj/DVDR/Video.

The Sky+ box has only one decoder, therefore you can only output one video stream at a time.

As the earlier posts have said, it would be bad for Sky to make this happen because they would then not get the extra revenue from the mirror subs, because all of us who would use this function would dump our second boxes.

It would be a nice feature, but the control could become difficult too, as to which output would send recorded and which live, just imagine all those wires and switches required to be able to give all TV's in the house a choice of which signal!! :eek:

Wouldn't be too hard for sky to sort it though, just hook up the main "server" sky+ box to the feed from the dish and add a wireless and then plug in reciever sky boxes to each of the other tvs. The reciever boxes could talk to the sky+ box via wireless lan and access the recorded information nativley and process it locally to that box - resulting in a fully independant solution with no additonal wires or complexity, it would all be plug and play.

This will be possible with the new media extender option for the xbox - you can access content off your media centre pc, including shows you have streamed to the HD. There are numerous solutions from other manufactors that offer similar functionality.

I think its only a matter of time before Sky offer the same sort of service, maybe two years at most.
I like your thinking and your optimism :cool:, but all that kit would add considerably to the cost of Sky. As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm pretty sure that the hard drive contents are simply the digital stream from Sky, so it still needs to be decoded, it isn't converted to a 'friendly' format such as MPEG, AVI or WMV (Which is what the PC/Xbox would do) so therefore you still need a decoder with suitable card to be able to decode the digital stream that has been recorded.

The V2 sky+ box is smaller due to the fact that all the chipsets have been integrated, and therefore it would be harder to separate them.

The cheapest solution to the view live, and record, and watch something recorded is to have a mirror sub, and the 2 boxes outputting different RF channels.

There are boxes available that sit on a wireless network and 'sniff out' all available video, image and music files and make them accessible from one place, but these on their own are retailing for £200 or more.

Add to this the potential for you to easily share your wireless network with your neighbours, and Sky would be on to a loser all round.

We're all looking for Digital Nirvana, but personally I will be amazed, and will eat my hat if Sky offer such a solution within the next 2 years.


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