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watching movies the xbox


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i didn't know how to do this.
i just burn a movie which is x264 and play it ?
can someone tell me please the full explanation.
thanks :thumbsup:


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Dont think x264 is compatible but h264 is IIRC. Most divx AVI's work though.


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swiftpete - He's talking about x264 not standard dvds.

d2idan - put "x264" into the search box, there should be a load of threads as this gets asked pretty often. In short, you need to convert it first.


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ok thanks i'm convert it (MKV file) with
it takes 24 hours to do that. and it also convert it to 480p
and i want to see movies on 720p.

someone know a better program ?

and also.. the xbox 360 dont show up in my pc through WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 11.
in the shared media option. i'm connecting evreything right but the 360 dont recognized by my pc
what should i do ?
and i dont have firewall


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I use DVD decrypter to put my original DVD's onto a hard drive, and then use Handbrake to encode them to a file format that both my 360 and PS3 can read. I have a link to a web site that guides you through this - I'll add that once I have got home from work tonight.

I have tried many different ways of doing this and this is by far the easiest/simplest and reliable ways of doing it. I now have all my DVD's saved in the right format on a media server that I spool to my consoles.

EDIT: See link to previous thread here, and in particular my post and the guide to ripping.



Dont think x264 is compatible but h264 is IIRC. Most divx AVI's work though.

x264 is a h264 encoder, like "Windows Media Encoder" is a wmv\vc1 encoder for example...

The 360 supports virtually all the features in any h264 encoder, give a program called "ripbot264" a try it has specific profiles for the 360 and uses x264 in the background and you don't need to fiddle with any details...


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ok but my problem is that i cant see my xbox on the media player 11 sharing media.
it dont show up . i've tried everything ...
windows media connect , tversity .
dont work.
when i test the connection throught my xbox its says

ip confirmed
pc connection : FAILED.
and i've coneected my modem to the xbox 360.
and i dont use firewall

please help me i really dont know what to do ...


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sorry but i couldn't find something usefull .
someone fixed my problem already ?
if yes .
how ?
thanks :)

Google is your friend and you WILL find what your looking for with a bit of effort. Its also probably much quicker than posting on here


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It sounds like you may be having problems with your modem/router. You may need to open the right ports to allow the PC and 360 to work together. There is a web site I used to sort out my router. Have a look here:


Go to Guides and you can either then choose to select router settings by make - choose "Port Forwarding Guides By Router" or alternatively choose which program you need to open ports for (ie TVersity) by going to "List of all Ports" and choosing the program.

Good luck


Standard Member
router it what coneccteing between your modem to the xbox for example ?

i dont think i have one . look

modem------------------------------->xbox 360

network cable


like this .. my modem is connected directly to my xbox 360
and i dont know this port thing ...

i really dont no what my problem is ...
i tried to open ports but in the website you gave me my modem name dont show up.


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Ahh - that may be the problem - if you only have a modem and it is not a router modem then you will have problems connecting to another device on the modem (ie a PC). You may need to get a router and plug that into the modem, then plug your PC and your Xbox 360 into the router and you should be able to get them talking to each other.

I did a quick net search and came up with this thread: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=493084

Interestingly the last post says exactly the same thing. Sorry I cant be much more help than that.


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And how I do this? could you be more specific?
my sb4200 modem to pc via USB ?

and xbox 360 to modem via network cable ?

but i dont need that the modem will be connected to my pc while he's coneecting to my xbox 360
its too different things ..
not so ?

i hope i'm wrong
just tell me
thanks :)


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Ok. To share media , Pictures, Music, Movies..

There are two ways of doing this.

1: Buy and external hard drive, move all your files onto it then plug that into the 360.

2: "Streaming". For this Your PC will need to be on to view the media. Mine is connected as follows.

As I have Cable Broadband I have my modem plugged into the TP Link router as well as my 360.

I use a program called Windows Media Connect to find my 360 and share my media with it. If you want it, you'll have to search for it as Windows Media Connect was replaced by Windows Media Player 11.

DO you have ADSL or Cable Broadband?

If you have an ADSL modem with ethernet ports just plug the 360 into that.

There is a slightly more expensive way of getting all this to work that involves buying an ethernet switch and a crossover cable.


Why dont you just bridge the connection

i.e -- cable modem via usb to your PC

and xbox too your PC via ethernet

thats what i use works a treat

God I tried that once.. never again.. couldn't get the damn thing to work with any modems and routers I tried. By all means though, have a go.

I would buy a new modem/router to be honest. AVOID LINKSYS and THE BT HOME HUB, useless pieces of plastic. How do I know? I've tried to port forward on them both. Can't be done.

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