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Sep 11, 2005
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Hi all, after much playing around watching HD trailers on LE32R41BD I'm now trying to convince myself that watching DVDs through my PC gives better picture than with my old Sony DVD player (through component + prog scan). But the thing is that the picture quality and sound varies so much between each application used (to my experience anyhow). For example, using PowerDVD the sound is good, but the picture is somewhat dark?? I'm currently using nvidia nStantmedia which gives me quite a good picture without having to mes around with the setting. But the program will not play WMVHD in surround sound.... :suicide:

So the question is what are the best DVD player software around!! Is it possible to upscale using software? Any suggestions are appreciated, anyone with personal experience with this particular model, any other LCD or PC monitor.... Would be nice to know if anyone is actually watching DVDs using PC! Thanks all! :thumbsup:
PowerDVD lets you tweak the brightness and contrast in the video options - you should be able to use those to get the best possible picture. PowerDVD's always been my favorite PC DVD player.
Thanks for the answer, PowerDVD has ALWAYS been my favorite also :smashin: May be it's just this LCD that makes the picture a bit dark. Which version are you using, if you don't mind me asking. Any tips on particular setting e.g. colour profile etc... Many thanks for your input!
It's the new version, PowerDVD 6 Deluxe as far as I know. I don't use it to watch DVDs on my LCD though. The default settings were fine for me on my PC's LCD monitor.
Great thanks! I did a little reading around earlier and might try to look into TheaterTek and Zoomplayer to see if they are any good.
Just to be contarery I like VLC, also good for HD playback.

I do have PDVD 6 and the plugin to create 5.1 from stereo work well.

I perfer vlc as it is not so resource hungrey, and I can leave my 24/7 processes running.

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