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Seeing as the sun was shining today I took a little walk at lunch time today to see if I could get any inspiration for this months photo. I was looking for anything that might cast a shadow when I came across this. I didn’t have my main camera with me but had my iPhone so decided to take a photo to see what it looked like.

Anyway I quite like it, and the iPhone records some EXIF information, so here it is:


I know its blown out at the top, but the sun was low and I was shooting right into it, and anyway that was the effect I was after. I quite like the way it goes from just black and white at the top left and reveals more detail as you move to the bottom.

In elements 6 under Adjust Colour Curves I selected Increase Contrast. Then cropped, resized, sharpened and boarder added.

Camera: Apple iPhone 3G
F-Number: F/2.8
Date / Time: 21/01/2009 13:02



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Ooo. nice. and well done for using a mobile phone too, just proves you don't need a backpack full of expensive gear to get a good photo...



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Cheez, coming on here with an entry like that from a b****y phone, you trying to put us all to shame Ian:D

Very nicely done and on theme to boot:thumbsup:


Lovely composition and great use of light to bring all that contrast out..nice spoy:smashin:


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Can the iPhone do no wrong? - takes great pics as well! Pretty lucky someone was holding it at the time ;) This looks like one of those mindbending escher types, and will probably give me a headache if I stare too long, but I really like the simplicity and cleanness of this one.

Proof, if ever needed, that the equipment is only a tool for the talented user.


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Just been discussing this shot with my wife and still can't believe it's been taken with an iphone.

Fantastic shot and well done indeed.


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Thanks for the comments. I was struggling with an idea this month (and time). I was thinking about something dark and light, and maybe shadows, and was looking on the net and one of the photos I saw was this Contrast of light and shadows on Flickr - Photo Sharing! so I think I had that in mind when I took the photo.


P.S. Was just looking on Flickr to find the other steps photo I just linked to and guess what I found Steps and Shadows on Flickr - Photo Sharing! Its amazing how often you can take a photo only to find someone has already taken it.

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