"Watch SkyHD Today" ??

I've been to the show and seen the T3 stand.

The guy from T3 on there confirmed that the box on display was one of the first actual production boxes but the demo they were displaying was from a hard drive and not a live feed from the box (unless they have now got this working from yesterday when I was there)

He also said that Sky had been busy scratching off the front of the panel to disguise the Hard drive size. :( Although obviously its says in the article 160gig

he gave a launch date of end of March.

There are also some sky reps on the SevenOaks stand if anyone is going to the show who may be able to divulge a bit more info.

The quality of the demo was Ok but nothing mind blowing and they had no further info on pricing.
I had an 'off the record' chat with a Sky rep last week - now i must make the point that this was NOT anyone high up the chain of command, I'd only called their Sky+ customer line and ended up chatting to this guy about the HD stuff. From what he told me, people who ordered Sky+ when it first came out are getting priority on despatch of the old box. In other words, if you paid £300 for your + box you'll be offered an HD box before anyone else. There's also a restriction in place for people who had their dish installed by anyone other than a Sky engineer - even if it was a reputable installer. Folks living with communcal dishes will be excluded from the HD boxes as well as those with only one feed. So - it seems there's plenty fences to jump over to get one of these.

He also mentioned pricing (although he did state this was unconfirmed) - it's coming in at between £379 and £399 for the box (with subs extra £15pm). And thats for "Brand New HD Customers" whatever that means.

This could be a load of pish of course...
Course its a load of pish! The lovely people at Sky have no clue about anything, they often know less about their own services than i do! Half the people you speak to on the phone would probably say 'Theres no such thing as Sky HD. Having a better quality pictures than we currently offer is just madness! MADNESSSSSSS!"

From common sense (and based on the price of current technology available) i'd say the box is £300 - £400 and the sub will be no more than £10 per month.
If its what i saw being demoded of thursday glad i got a scaler
It up grades the picture info and puts it onto the HD screen, please got to the scaler section of the forum and you will get a lot better more tech info , ps there not cheap
it's a bit like anti-aliasing in a computer......it adds/detracts information to make the picture smoother and more suited to the resolution your screen uses as native.......

(and no flaming on the comparison to AA, just using somethign someone on a computer might have an idea of how it works.....i know its not exactly the same thing...but is fairly similar)
so what was the PQ like, i am assuming at least if it was on the hard drive perhaps it was recorded?? or shows what the box is capable of.
The pictures i saw at the Hitachi stand were from a computer which were as good as what i see on my screen using sky into a dvdo hd+ onto a Z4 pj ,but he did mention the picture is a better coming from a unit called a buffalo ,yes it was called that, saw it on the unit could have some sort of hard drive, on the sevenoaks pitch they were showing X men 2 picture was good but there agian its on a @ 40" screen were I have a 96" picture on a wall.
Hi All,

I was at the show yesterday with my manager we both had a looked at the demo of the so called "Sky HD" recorded feed we noticed it was very noisy so asked the T3 rep, he said this is Sky new HD service and this is what it will be like when its launched, we then asked how it was connected, he did not now so I looked behind the screen to see what connections were used..... COMPOSITE VIDEO I then said its composite he said that he was not sure and to speak to this other rep that was technically minded, at the time was on the phone.

He also was not sure how it was connected.

If any goes today or tomorrow have a look and ask how the feed is connected.

I may be wrong but i hope that I am not because if Sky HD will look like that I will be disappointed, waiting so long for that.

Surely if it was connected via copmposite then there is no way you could have been viewing an HD image as composite can only deliver 576i.
Don't beleave the hype , I have seen HD in the US in 2000 a 72" screen right up close i mean 6" away ,think it was a crt price about $2500 and would blow away what i have seen over here,Curcit city Pheonix AR
7oaks in swiss cottage have the HD Digital VCR machine (hitachi possibly?), watched a 720p video recording on a Panasonic display....looked gorgeous, literally gorgeous, if Sky HD is as good as that i may well be happy to sign up....heh
Been looking at various live demos using my Humax MPEG4 FTA satbox - and it IS beautiful stuff. Have a motorised dish and have about 7 stations in HDTV to choose from (2 are full time upscaled with odd HD film in the evening).

7oaks in swiss cottage have the HD Digital VCR machine

HD on a VCR, now there's a breakthrough !!!!!!!
mike7 said:
7oaks in swiss cottage have the HD Digital VCR machine

HD on a VCR, now there's a breakthrough !!!!!!!
Certainly D-VHS at 720p or 1080i gives very good results at 28.2Mbps.
cjgpers said:
Certainly D-VHS at 720p or 1080i gives very good results at 28.2Mbps.

Too right. Somehow I don't think Sky HD will come close to the D-theater & HD-Net titles available. We shall see...
cjgpers said:
Certainly D-VHS at 720p or 1080i gives very good results at 28.2Mbps.

I have a JVC D-VHS but have always used S-VHS tapes. Is the difference between this tape and a D-VHS one significant? If so I'll buy some D-VHS tapes to try. But I suppose that the format is going out?


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