Watch SKY on PC monitor from another room


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Hi guys,

Hopefully you'll be able to point me in the right direction.

I have SKY+ in the living room and SKY in the bedroom. I spend lots of time in my study and want to be able to control one of the boxes and watch SKY on my PC monitor in my study.

Is this possible?

I have been looking at wireless TV link but don't know if they are any good and I'd need another TV for this anyway:

Any help very much appreciatied.


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With another TV - yes
With a PC monitor even with a suitable TV card in the PC (and I'm not sure of any) - either NO or with difficulty


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pick up a cheap video sender (aldi have them just now for £20) and a TV card (analouge) for your PC.

the sender at Aldi has all the calbes and also includes a 3.5mm adapter so you can feed to a PC.

If possible get a TV card with S-video is (your graphics card might have this already) that will get you the best picture from your sky box via a sender.(better than the RF wired option)


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Thanks for your replies guys, I think a wireless video sender and an analogue TV card is probably the best option.

Interesting to see what slingbox can do though as I wasn't aware of this.

One question though with the video sender, as it will be in the same room as my wireless router will there be any interference problems? Also, the £20 model from Aldi, is there much difference between that and this one which is nearly 4x as much from maplin?


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AFAIK the quality of the video would depend on your broadband connection.
Whilst it may be passable on a PC monitor (which is what you want) I wouldn't like to watch it on a 50" LCD/Plasma


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Many thanks, I'll think I'll go with that then as I just need it for the monitor. Glad to have found it for £70 off aswell!

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