Watch and Record Different Channels?




After some work, I've got my Shuttle XPC wired up and looking / sounding sweet...

I have a DVCII capture card, which is now capturing from my sky box and using PVR+ & Digiguide, I can schedule Sky recordings with the click of a button.

Was I foolish to think that I could record one channel on my PC while watching another on my TV or am I missing something (else)?


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There are no SKY STB's that can output two seperate channels at the same time.
If watching two channels at the same time is important then you need two digiboxes, a "cheap" second subscription can be had for £10 (SKY+ users) or £15 for everyone else.

That aside I assume you can record the digibox output while streaming a previous recording from the XPC to the TV so at least it's better than a VCR :)
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