Wasted a PILE of money!


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I have gone for the Denon 2106 (£375) over the 1906 (£230)....i was planning on going for the AE evo3s but due to paying over budget for the amp i have gone for some second hand Tannoy M3s and mxc.

I have just spoke to seven oaks with regards to buying rear speakers and since i was embarassed knowing my mx3s were not justifying the amp i said i have AE Evo3s....his reply was.. " well they arent really worthy of the amp" ...Jeeeeez if the evo3 aint good enough for the amp my mx3s are killing it!!!

I`m just gutted now, since i think i have spent like £150 more for the 2106 over the 1906 and feel i`d have been better spending less and paying more on my speakers!!!

What the hell should i do? I guess there is nothing i can do, i havent got the money for evo3 never mind anything better.....! Have i wasted £150


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You have posted this twice.

Its not a complete waste as should you choose to upgrade your speakers in future then you would already have an amp capable of powering them more efficiently.

Think posetive - How do they sound to you, forget what the person said, your the person listning to them, if they sound good to you then it doesnt matter.

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You need to be confident enough to trust your own judgement mate. Don't let someone in a shop who has never heard your setup tell you what is and isn't worthy. You are still new at this. Get what you can afford now and look to upgrade over time. If you really want to appreciate quality speakers then getting to know your Mx3's is not time or money wasted. When you eventually audition their replacements you will hear differences your presently untrained ear might not appreciate. And my bet is if you sell the Mx's on to someone who has heard them, you will have no trouble selling them for what you paid, no matter how unfashionable. ;)


I dont pay much attention to assistants who make those kind of comments. Look for constructive comments and remember that an upgrade will come :D
Ignore the salesman's comments

I have the AE EVO 3 package driven by a Denon 2805 and its fantastic :thumbsup:

I have heard several other combo's so not just a biased opinion.

Everyone has their own opinions and tastes and no doubt if you spent twice as much again on speakers you could get improvements.

The point is that for £700 all in inc sub, the evo 3 is as good as it gets ( there are alternatives as well though with different sonic characteristics) but your amp is certainly not wasted on them.

The evo's and the denon 2805 are a good match, and matching is often more crucial to provide a balanced sound.

Trust your own ears on this :smashin:


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:rotfl: what the salesman said is tosh

im using a pretty high end power amp with my evos and they are certainly worthy of that, let alone a moderatly priced (expensive to you and me :D ) AV amp. Dfour seems pretty happy with his as well, biamped with rotel/yamaha 1400(?) :D


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some salesfolk spout crap, some spout pearls of wisdom......however knowing the difference is something you prolly wont be able to tell untill you been buying hifi for a few years....lol

the better the amplification then the more of your speakers potential you will hear, of course there will be a point where spending any more wouldnt reveal a better sound, but i would say you havnt gone over the limit on that combination, and as people say you can always upgrade in the future knowing you are not restricted....

i took the slower route to buying..my original plan was to spend about £1,000 on a surround sound speaker setup......checked out a few things, but after demos was left feeling dissapointed by the stereo quality, i listen to a lot of acoustic and classic music when im on me own wanting to relax...and most speakers just didnt have the hi freq control i wanted....
so instead i ended up doing this..
Bought Monitor Audio Silver S6 speakers and Quake Sub (£600+£350)
3 months later: bought Denon 3803 amp (£700)
6 months on from that: bought Monitor Audio SLCR Centre and SFX rears (£220+£350)
another 7 months on from that: bought Denon 3910, REL Strata 5 sub, MA Silver S2s (£700+£700+£350)
and lastly, 7 more months on (September this year): Infocus 7205, Sky+, DMRES10 DVD-R (£2,700+£89+£160)

Most of this was bought on interest free 9 months payback scheme through Sevenoaks, some of it was on credit cards interest free over 6 months, the last lot (PJ and DVD-R) will be paid off over the next 3 years tho....

but basically, altho it meant i had to make do with some parts of the system being inferior while building it up, now its all together and finished its gorgeous and so much better than what i would have had if i'd plumped to spend a £1,000 as my entire speaker budget.....

So mebbe you would get more out of taking back the speakers you ended up with and swap them for much better front stereo pair, then just wait for a while till you can afford the matching centre and rears?....i found it worth the wait, but then im a patient bloke..lol

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