Waste of money? or speaker upgrade required


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System is

Primare V25 DVD player (used for CD)
Rotel RSX-1055 AV receiver
vdh The First Ultimate coax
B&W 602 (se24 stands)
vdh The Snowtrack bi-wire

which recently replaced

Denon DCD820 (12 yrs old, £250 at the time)
Sony DVP-S725 DVD player
Kenwood 3020SE Amp
vdh The Bay interconnect
same speakers and cable

I also auditioned the Arcam 88+ and Rotel 1080 DVD players. The sound quality compared to my current system was amazing. I went for the Primare on picture and sound quality, also connectivity, progressive scan etc.

However I have now done a side-by-side comparison between the Denon and Primare and although (I think) I can hear a subtle difference, there is not the massive improvement that I would expect, the difference between old and new is presumably in the quality of the Rotel. This is also with the Denon disadvantaged, in theory, by cable quality. I also tried switching to the Primare DACS and using an analogue connection using LPCM, but I'm still not sure if I was in the end since I was still getting input through both the digital and analogue inputs with the Primare set to either bitstream or lpcm. Perhaps a Primare owner could confirm how to make use of the onboard DACS.

So I'd be grateful for opinions on whether

1. my ears obviously aren't that good
2. the limiting factor is now the speakers and a better quality pair would show up the differences
3. it is quite possible that the Denon comes close to the Primare for CD replay, I hope not given age and price difference.



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What did you think of the picture quality of thr rotel 1080?

Is it also prog scan PAL compatable?



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The PQ was OK, however I only saw it on a PJ that I wasnt too impressed with. I went back to the dealer to dem in on a CRT and it was then that I started looking at the Arcam and Primare which i saw on a plasma.

I doubt if the Rotel could now still compete on PQ with more recent players, it doesnt have RGB (not a problem to some people), nor PAL prog scan (I think). If you are particularly interested in a Rotel player I would wait for the RDV-1060 which will be DVD-A and probably better PQ at a cheaper price.

Concensus on the 1080 seems to be that it is overpriced for what was essentially a re-engineered first generation JVC DVD-A player


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Thanks Simon for the reply, Think I'll also wait for the 1060, want it to match in with my RSP1066 & RMB1075.


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