Washington DC as part of my honeymoon . .what to do, where to go?


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Hi chaps

Im off on my honeymoon on Monday, heading to NYC then Vegas then Washington . .

Never been to Washington anymore, im there for 3 days . . any suggestions as how to see the place?

Ideally want to see the main monuments / white house / museum bits.

was thinking some sort of step on/off bus tour like you get in NYC might exist.

Any suggestions or pitfalls to watch out for??



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Foebane/Jamfish asked about DC the other day too ...
I would recommend a good half day walk in the DC square - getting in the Whitehouse, Capitol, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and National Mall and the reflective pools

... then take the metro to Arlington Cemetery - where you'll find JFK's grave and the eternal flame and be at a vantage point to view the straight line to the Capitol along which are the Washington Monument and National Mall

... could then also take the Metro to the Pentagon and the Pentagon City shopping mall

Extended a work trip there in 2003, to do a bit of sightseeing ...

For me, you can't beat the Air and Space Museum in DC. And there is nothing like looking down the Mall at the Lincoln Memorial, and over the Reflecting Pool, at the Washington Monument with the Capital building in the distance. The Vietnam War Memorial is very moving too. Allow for lot's of time walking about the Mall - it's huge. To me, the Whitehouse is less impressive, but you've got to see it anyway.

NY and Niagara - you can't really go wrong!
My wife and I found the hop-on-hop-off trolley bus a convenient way to get between those places, some of the outskirts and the Iwo Jima memorial. An all day ticket with trolleys every half hour or so.

Washington DC Tours | Tour Washington DC | Washington DC

Don't forget the camera.


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This has pretty much covered it. Look out for all the dog poo around the reflecting pool.

Oh, don't climb into the fence of the white house for a funny photo. The police will arrive in seconds and point a gun at you. :)
The hop on/hop off trolley bus ride is an absolute must!

Top deck and TWICE! :)


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Just got back from DC on Monday (currently recovering from jet lag).

we did Boston - NYC - Washington DC over two weeks (Amtrak for travel inbetween - excellent).

Which hotel you staying in?

For dinner in the evening Georgetown is a good option and its about $15 from the centre of DC to the centre of Georgetown. We ate Thai in Mai Tai, which is off the main drag - very good and decent prices. Thunder burgers is also good and has a happy hour before 7pm for half price (on most) beers!

You can download a Tripadvisor app guide to DC which has an integrated offline map and loads of POI for restaurants and attractions etc. It's a freebie too.

For a less crowded view of the White House you can see it from Lafayette Square - where the protesters camp out!

You can do tours of the Capitol Building for free - just walk in and get a ticket. If you go on a week day you may get to see the Congress and Senate chambers. You can also get into the Library of Congress from there (via tunnel) - don't take photos of the reading room though - I sneaked a couple of shots and got told off!

Metro day passes are $14 and it means you can get to the Pentagon - Arlington - Mall - Museums without having to walk your feet off. If you are quick you might be able to book onto a Pentagon tour - very cool. You have to submit your details due to security and get approval though. We did that and Arlington one morning.

The Pentagon - Request a Tour

Ford's Theatre and and house opposite have excellent museums and are also free - very interesting history about Abe Lincoln.

Have fun!


The only advice I can give you is make sure you don't get too drunk and end up naked in a public place. :D

Good luck on the big day mate and I hope you have an excellent honeymoon. :devil:


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Cheers razor. Ive even done my speech and everything :|

Seems pretty straightforward now you've all said your bit. Theres a metro next to hotel and its 3 stops to the big park that everything seems to be around :)


Cheers razor. Ive even done my speech and everything :|

Seems pretty straightforward now you've all said your bit. Theres a metro next to hotel and its 3 stops to the big park that everything seems to be around :)
Ah the dreaded speech, I left mine to the night before. Mine was a bit like a midget in hotpants, short 'n sweet. :D


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I've tested it on 2 people and both cried . . then laughed alot. So its either awesome or really really bad :D




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Rather sombre for a honeymoon but Arlington Cemetery is worth a visit. It has its own tour buses with commentary to cover the huge area. The changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier was amazing in its precision.

I enjoyed the National History Museum which had the Hope Diamond on display.

Make use of the tube which is hassle free, but there's a lot of ground to cover, so take comfy shoes.


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Whilst the National Air and Space Museum on the National Mall is a must see IMO when you are doing that tour of the monuments and museums on the Mall, their other site out at Dulles airport is even more impressive in some respects as it much larger and houses full sized modern planes like Concorde, an SR-71 Blackbird, Enola Gay and Space Shuttle Discovery, and is well worth the trek out to see if (if Air and Space is your thing of course...)
National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center
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We did a day trip to DC during a New York visit lat year. Managed to cover almost everything in a day which was impressive.

We just planned a route around the various sites in a sort of loop. You'll have no problem if you're there for 3 days.


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I did a hop on one day tour in DC under grayline tours. Covered several memorials, the white house and the Smithsonian museums. It's actually pretty easy to get around the place yourself via the subway as well, so we did that for the next few days. Both day and night views of the memorials is different and worth seeing. Chinatown has pretty decent food and I particularly love Georgetown. It was a 5 min bus ride away from a subway station, or you could walk as well. There's also a spy museum that a friend of mine explored and she said it was pretty cool.

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