Was looking for some guidance on av choices. Thanks

Buy cheaper and wait tell later?

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  • Why are you even asking this since your projector only does 4K 60hz anyways

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Hello been going over information on here for the last few months and have learned more then I ever cared to about all things audio and video. Still would like to ask for some help on picking a direction to go for a av receiver. Some info on theater items I already have.

speakers: Amazon productprojector: Amazon productscreen size 150 Amazon productuse a Xbox one, will upgrade to a series X though soon and have a computer with a nivida 3080 graphics card.

I originally was set on a receiver that could do 4k 120hz (even though my projector can only do 4K 60). To try and future proof my self some.
I was currently looking at getting the new Yamaha A4A though with all the hdmi 2.1 issues in general and more specificly with Xbox X’s with all the 2020 modals Iam thinking I should just get a cheaper av receiver to use for the next 2 years or so tell company’s get the qinks worked out. Was looking at this one in that case Yamaha V6A. I currently don’t have a receiver so need something fast for those speakers I ordered.

I guess my main question is buy up to what I can afford now or buy cheaper and upgrade later?
also any options on other receivers that fit either bill now that you know of I should be looking at? (Budget of 1500$ usa)

Thanks for any input or for even reading this far 😉

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