was going off projectors, maybe changed mind


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I have had projectors for many years since they have to be powered by CRTs and the screen is a curved and covered in aluminium so enough light was directed back to a hotspot. Recently I have been thinking about stopping using my projector and getting a bigger normal screen at least 60 inches I currently have 47. As the projector image just does not look good enough.
However today I saw some fantastic pictures on projectors one in a fairly light room with Epson and special screen, the other in a totally dark room with a sony projector.
so my conclusion I am watching high def from sky and free view and frequently the quality is just not that hot. My projector which is three or four years old is obviously no longer state-of-the-art. However with a good source, good projector and screen, and of course accompanied by a decent sound system projectors can still rule okay.

I had a really nice and interesting time today at ideal av in Normanton.
As a result I am likely to post in more than one forum about my experiences.
I want to tell everybody I have no connection with any of the organisations
I may mention. Nor have I paid any of my own hard earned money to any of them.
Consequently I am not making any comments on value for money or
customer service or anything like that am just trying to give credit where credit is due.

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