Warzone 120fps question.


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Hi all. I've just got a lg cx and wondering what to set in the Xbox video settings in regards to playing warzone at 120fps. Do I set it to 4k at 120fps or 1440p at 120fps? Searched the internet but can't seem to find a definitive answer. When I bring up the freesync info on the TV it shows around 120fps set at 1440p but between 2 and 5 he when I set it to 4k. Now I know its not 5fps but will it be running 120fps when set to 4k?


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Neither. COD (BO or Warzone) has no in game quality of performance setting So you control it by the frame rate you set on the console. So 120 FPS will give you 1440p and 60fps gives you 4K. Or more or less that tbh. You can also switch VRR on or off depending on how you find black level flickering with VRR. Above 60fps (iirc) the displayed CX frame rate needs to be multiplied by 20.


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Just flip between 120 or 60 Hz. You can leave the resolution as 4K since it dynamically scales anyway so at 120Hz (fps) you will be down at 1440p. You get more like 100-115fps in reality.


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Ok thanks so in the Xbox display settings set it at 1440p and 120hz to get 120fps or thereabouts.
Always leave the Xbox at 4K. Each game will control its internal rendering. You have a 4K TV you always want display output to be 4K.

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