warrior kt1000 power amp - can't get sound

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    hi there everybody, i have had a warrior kt1000 power amp hooked up in my bedroom for around 12 months working fine. last couple weeks the blue power led has started getting dimmer and dimmer, last few days no power led at all but all working fine until about half hour ago. the sound cut out then few seconds later that thud from the speakers just as if i had turned the amp off. i then turned the amp off and got that same normal thud again few seconds later. turned the amp back on, get orange protect lights on for couple seconds but then instead of a little clicking sound from the amp as the protect lights go off, i got the thud from the speakers, can't get sound. the amp is still getting power coz i get that thud again if i switch the power off. my speakers are hooked up via the speakon connections, all seems fine there.

    can anybody give me any idea as to what might be wrong?

    thank you all in advance for any help.

    tony :thumbsup:
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    Tony...welcome to the forums.

    Unfortunately,from the outside,there is really no way of knowing what's gone wrong with the amp,and there are a number of possibilities.

    You either need to get someone to take a look at it,or if the value is relatively low compared to a replacement,consider that route also.

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