Warrior 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments

Fake Shempz

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Good movie, plenty of action - but bit of an unbelievable ending.

Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte at their best, trying to out "moody" each other!


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Well that's spooky, I watched this last night (recorded over the weekend on Film4 HD).

Love the film, but I'll skip this release, I'm so sick of orange and teal :p


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Good film this. The ending was a bit naff though.


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Thanks Cas, love this film, already have the German steelbook on blu ray, and after a few reviews about the 4k disc when it was released in the US, I was unsure about picking it up. The review you have just dished out means I'm going to buy it. The Atmos has swayed me yet again!! Lol

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