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alex d

I just boughta JVC dvp9(the little black beauty) against a sony 105e and once I got it home onto the telly to check the footage I took on both cams the jvc is the far worse of the two.
I had based my buy not so much on the pure size or looks but that the JVC is not so lumpy so getting it in and out of bags, pockets etc would be easier. The fact that it has a slide up lens cover cinched the deal- I hate lens caps.
footage taken in and outside my local jessops store on both cams at the same time showed that the jvc can't hold lines straight and was generally a fuzzy image. Colours were murky- not too dull but combined with the soft edges the whole image apeared misty
Manual focus control is diffcult with the hard to press buttons.

And at night street lights would go wavey with alot of flare and dragging edges.
My old sony 8mm performs better at night! but nowhere near as sharp in general in daylight.

The footage from the Sony 105 was much better- very sharp lines that stayed sharp when panning and clear sharp colours(almost too bright to be considered natural at times though) and much quicker auto exposure.
auto focus was faster too- the jvc can take ages at times unless you fill the veiw with the new subject.

And it has a focus ring.

I am taking the jvc back- jessops are cool with that but which one now...the sony is great for picture quaility but the zoom control is horrible!! The battery sticks out a mile and touch screen menus? after all these years of being told not to touch 'em and now its mucky finger prints everywhere.

Today I have been shown the canon mvx10i. I like the shape, the zoom is in the right place and its 2MP. Manual focus is by thumbwheel so won't be so bad.
So which one?

Hopefully some of you might find all this interesting and possibly helpful.
If anyone has got experiance with either the sony or canon models mentioned please let me know-
If sony and jvc could just make a combined effort cam consisting of 105 internals etc into the dvp9 body it would be great- :) alex
my reply is simple just look at the reviews on both cams i found the sony well ahead , after seeing the reviews i would spend my hard earned cash on a sony wich i did and have not been let down since . although i must admit the op zoom could be better .
IMO go for the camera that gives you the best image and sound quality for the money. If you get great footage that impresses you (and anyone else who sees it), you'll put up a few niggles.

I find my small upright Sony DV camcorder quite fiddly to operate even with small fingers and a good knowledge of where everything is, but the image quality is very good. I also find the lack of size and weight makes for very shaky handheld shots no matter how you hold the camera.

I'm saving up now for a 3-chip semi pro model for even better image quality with even clunkier design! At least they're heavier for smoother shots and have a raft of manual settings.

Anyone think consumer camcorders are getting too small?! :)
I sympathise. I did just the same, and gave back the JVC after a few days. The reviews are dodgy - they seemed to love the JVC model, but in my opinion it's the worst camcorder going. I've bought a Panasonic GS50, but I'm wondering whether I should exchange this for a Sony TRV33 .... they don't make camcorders like they use to!
The TRV33 didn't seem to pick up many good reviews whereas cameras reckoned to be less good get rave reviews.

Are they scared of giving good reviews?

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