WARNING - Noobie requesting help!!!!!


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Hi All,
I could do with a bit of help here please.

Now, as described in my first “introduction” post, I am a noobie and fairly new to ICE, hence this question probably seems kinda dumb but …………………

My new car (2009 Saab 9-3) has the factory head unit in place. This is the radio and 6 disc CD changer. I also have the factory fitted bluetooth telephone option (this is a BT receiver that picks up a BT enabled phone and puts info up on the dashboard and allows you to use the steering wheel controls).

Great I hear you say. I want to install an aftermarket Touchscreen GPS/radio/CD etc but there is a problem. The car has an Amp in the boot which means (and correct me if I am wrong) that the audio output from the head unit needs to be line level or it will be over amplified?
All of the GPS/Radio/CD head units I have looked at output amplified audio AND have bluetooth (for phone connection). None of them seem to have a simple line level output to feed the amp or a line level input that I can feed the cars inbuilt phone audio into so that it will use the head units mute etc.

Is my only option really to completely bypass the amp and rewire ALL the speakers (7) or am I being stupid and missing:

A. Something so obvious that only a moron would miss.
B. The ideal head unit that has everything I want.
C. None of the above but ……………………….

Any help would indeed have you revered as a Demi-God and elevated to the highest pedestal.



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Get yourself over to here workshop section...

What these guys don't know about saab 9-3 audio upgrades you could write on the back of a stamp...

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