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    As a Loewe CRT TV owner we sould be aware of this warning posted on Loewe uk web site. (link is provided below)


    To summarize it warns that:

    "In the framework of continuous quality checks it was discovered that, in picture tube TV sets from the production period March 1999 to October 2001, faults could arise at certain soldered points which could lead to overheating of the set and, in the worst case, to a danger of fire"

    Looking over this I have found that around 20,000 TV sets are under going treatment following this warning.

    I wanted to bring this to Loewe owner's attention...

    I also do have a question:

    I have been having problems with my Loewe CRT Vitros which I have purchased 6 years ago. Now the screen has red lines on it, then it flickers and finally turns itself off.

    I have read that some forum members are having similar problems. Flickering, lines on the screen, TV set turning itself off etc.

    What I would like to know whether there is a technical link with this safety notice and the problems Loewe CRT owners like myself are experiencing?

    p.s. I have contacted Loewe and got a piece of plastic soldered on my TV set to prevent this overheating. However problems do continue.

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