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[ from admin:

The first thing you do is use inappropriate and potentially defamatory remarks about the comany.
That breaks the rules #1.
Then you publish private emails and worse bank details which are obviously best kept private. Or at least not published on a public forum.
I've deleted your post in it's entirity because this is exactly how not to write a complaint about a company in these forums.
As per the rules you must refrain from using inappropriate language and you must post in a factual and reasonable manner.
I'lll be deleting this thread shortly.
By all means post your complaint again but this time abide by the forum rules.


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OK, I know you didn't want me to read it (not backwards at least) but here goes my response.

Bluedo have a pretty good reputation as far as I can see.

I have been asked several times, when buying stuff from the US, to provide a scan of the card, so don't see anything suspicious there. What harm could it do anyway as there is nothing on the card that you won't have already given them - card number, name, security code. expiry date, etc.

If you're not happy dealing with Bluedo, then try www.pcseller.com. Ordered mine from them a few weeks back and it arrived in about 10 days. Perfect transaction, and know of at least one other forum member (avid football supporter :) ) who also ordere from them and received OK (day before me).



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Ok I was a bit worried about the card but I did send photos of it! it would have given them a picture of my signature which they didn't have, thing is when I sent them my card they then came back and said Barclaycard wouldn't confirm my address, now I checked with Barclaycard and they said this would not be a problem......

so I really don't understand why they then wanted me to transfer by wire to a Wells Fargo Bank,

Still looking, I have checked out Pcseller but they charge $60 per item for shipping I just won't pay that out of principal especially as I want the RF extender



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I have been looking into getting a TSU7000 from the States.

How much are you looking for for the remote and the RF extender ?


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I have just bought a TSU7000 from Planetminidisc and they wanted a copy of the credit card (fax) , but not if you paid by Amex. I did this received the unit this morning and the box value was 1 cent. One guess what that meant to the customs


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Well I was concerned about the credit card image but I did send it to them, the thing that bugged me then was they gave me all the bull**** about Barc laycard not verifying my address and wanted me to wire the money........................


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BlueDo has an excellent reputation, and I can personally vouch for David's integrity. The issue of the credit card images has been discussed and explained here before, see this thread for an example: http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=104963.

If David says that BarclayCard wouldn't confirm your address, I see no reason to doubt that he's telling the truth.

There are plenty of people out there looking to rip people off, so if David's bank has asked for this extra level of security for your mutual protection, then I see nothing wrong with that. After all, it is YOU he's protecting. It would be easy for someone else to steal your credit card number and then use it to start buying things internationally and have the goods shipped to their address, so this is one way of verifying that you have the physical card in your possession (as oppossed to having stolen the number online).


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BlueDo has an excellent reputation, and I can personally vouch for David's integrity

Are you his Brother/Father?

If David says that BarclayCard wouldn't confirm your address, I see no reason to doubt that he's telling the truth.

Why not when I spoke to Barclaycard they said they spend all day giving authorisaton numbers and can confirm address's as a matter of course

As I mentioned he asked for pictures of my card and got them, then he asked me to wire the money.............



Obviously we "chatted" at length about this issue (via email) and I apologize that you felt slighted by our company. After speaking with Barclaycard twice (two different customer service agents) they weren't willing to confirm that the card was in your name or the shipping address. They would discuss anything with the cardholder (naturally) but weren't willing to assist us with your order. As Rob mentioned, our internationl policies were developed in light of the fact that international credit card fraud is utterly rampant on the internet and we're trying our best to protect all parties involved.

I'm sorry that it didn't work out with your order, but if you'd like to work on this a little more, drop me a line and I'm happy to continue discussing this with you. I'd even be happy to phone Barclaycard a third time and cross my fingers! Drop me a line and let me know.

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