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Warning! Blah Dvd Rip Off!

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Just ordered a few DVDs from Blahdvd. The first one has turned up (Pitch Black) and I can honestly say I am 99% certain its a copy! As soon as I opened the envelope I was suspicious - the alignment of the printed cover is well out. The box itself is VERY cheap. When I opened the box the disc itself was loose, therefore scratched. On closer inspection the printed cover is quite poor quality, as is the disc label... apart from that its ok :mad:

I will see how the DVD plays tonight, I will not be surprised if the picture/sound isnt top notch.

The worst part is, the rest of my order is some £30 worth. If the others are the same they'll be going back.

I wondered why the Pitch Black DVD was so cheap.

In future I recommend everyone to order only from well respected companies i.e. Play, Choices Direct etc. Stay clear from names like 'BLAH' DVD. :mad:

Ian C.

Active Member
Someone can correct me but I think they used to be Splash.com, and threads on here about them!
Hope you get rest of order anyway m8.
Just had a look at retailer reviews on dvdreviewer.co.uk and says it is not Splash but reviews for and against Blah on there, perhaps best to avoid anyway in future.
Dont buy many dvds online myself,I have only used mvc so far.


cheers Ian,

That sounds about right. When Splash went bust I lost out there too! I had an order placed for about £7 and lost it. I remember telling myself "never again will I order from these small time companies!".

So my fault really. I cant believe they get away with churning out copies! Honestly, you should see the quality.


Active Member

For a start, Blah are not the same company as Splash. I really wish people would stop coming out with that -- it's not true. They did however hire some of the ex-Splash employees, but the people running the show are not the same.

As for the notion they send out bootlegs -- utter nonsense. I've placed 7 orders with Blah so far, and every single DVD I've received from them has been a proper retail version, undamaged and sealed. Everyone else I know has also received legit DVDs from them, and has never had any complaints about their service, apart from in a couple of cases where delivery was slow. However, they do NOT deal in bootlegs, and I find the accusation that they do to be ridiculous.

Perhaps the Pitch Black DVD is just poor quality in general... I wouldn't know as I don't own it. But there is no way Blah sent you a bootleg. Just didn't happen. If a bootleg arrived on your doorstep, then someone swapped out the legit copy Blah sent you during transit. I just won't accept that they've suddenly started selling people bootlegs.


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I think someone from Blah DVD actually posted here denying they were Splash,but there were a LOT of similarities and reasons why people thought that despite their denials they were Splash ressurected :rolleyes:

Its funny(well maybe funny is the wrong word),but I had exactly the same experience as you when I purchased from Splash,I ordered some dvd's from them,I think the Pianist was one of them, and when they arrived they looked exactly as you described and I had the same suspiscions as you,do a search on Splash,I think you will find 1 or 2 posts about peoples experiences :laugh:

edit:Aretak,tbh if Blah were Splash do you think they would advertise the fact?It wouldnt exactly be a masterstroke in advertising would it?The facts of the matter are Blah formed shortly after Splash went under,they are based in the same area and a lot of Splash former employees work there(of what seniority I do not know)....unfortunatley that is enough for me to think twice before ordering from them, knowing how I and other customers were treated by Splash.If you are happy to buy from them ,great,best of luck to you and Blah :smashin:



Well you would say that wouldnt you, you muppet! :laugh:

You're not the one whose received this shoddy DVD! Did you not 'read' my post properly? Even the box itself looks like one from a '1000 for a pound!' from Poundland.

You seem very defensive of BlahDVD. Do you work for the cowboys or what?

All I am suggesting to other forum members, is that they stay clear of BlahDVD as I dont think it's fair for people to pay good money for dodgy gear.

Wake up my friend :zonked:


Active Member
Yes, I'm a muppet because I've had far more experience buying from Blah than you, and have never had a problem with them.


The stupidity of some people amazes me.

If you don't believe the claim about Splash and Blah being the same company, perhaps you should read what Jersey Trading Standards have to say...

Dear Mr *******

Thank you for your e mail.

I am very concerned by the sort of unfounded allegations about BlahDVD.com
which you indicate are being circulated all over the internet consumer
community and you have reinforced this with your own allegations of
"financial criminality and fraud". You further state "and I would like to
know what you people are going to do about it". I assume that by the term
"you people" you are referring to me and my 3 staff. I would be grateful if
you could note the following:

* Beachside Business Centre is the registered address for a large
number of Jersey registered companies
* SplashDVD/Toppers CI Ltd did not trade from premises at Beachside
Business Centre and neither do BlahDVD.com
* The liquidation of Toppers CI Limited is on-going and a liquidators
report will eventually be submitted to Jersey's Attorney General who will
decide if evidence of fraud exists
* I am satisfied from my enquiries that there is absolutely no
connection between SplashDVD/Toppers CI Limited and Blah Limited, trading as

I hope this information is clear and unambiguous but do let me know if there
is anything else you think me or my staff may help you with.

Yours sincerely

Trevor Le Roux

Chief Trading Standards Officer

Jersey Trading Standards Service, 9-13 Central Market, St Helier, Jersey,
JE2 4WL.
Tel: 01534 727286 Fax: 01534 766475 e-mail: [email protected]
As for your other pathetic rambling, I don't work for Blah. I don't work for any online retailer. However I am quite prepared to defend those which have given me good service from numpties like you making false acusations against them. Blah did not send you a bootleg.

If you claim they did, you are a liar. Blah are a legitimate company who sell official releases of DVDs, and don't deserve to have their name dirtied by clowns such as yourself. If you have a problem with the quality of the Pitch Black DVD, contact the studio who made it, because they're the ones responsible if it's of poor quality.


Well-known Member
errrr,I think a mod might by passing by this way soon :oops:

Aretak,how can they say they is no connection between Blah and Splash when Blah themselves have admitted that previous employees of Splash now work for Blah :confused:

I dont think theres any need for people to start getting abusive or throwing accusations around :nono: just let people post their experiences with Blah/Splash and let punters decide for themselves if they want to shell out their money to Splash/Blah.I have my reasons for not using them again,others may find them good suppliers,each to their own :smashin:


Standard Member
Aretak said:
If you don't believe the claim about Splash and Blah being the same company, perhaps you should read what Jersey Trading Standards have to say...

Regardless of what Trading Standards in Jersey say there are remarkable similarities.

Firstly, Trading Standards in Jersey aren't the most competent of people - they were forewarned of problems with Splash and did absolutely nothing to help people (even where Trading Standards did intervene they did nothing more than visit the premise and see "refunds" being processed (although some of course still didn't turn up) nor did they attempt to use any of the discretionary powers they could have to try and stop them trading - in the UK to continue trading whilst insolvency is inevitable is an offence.

Secondly, if suspicions are correct then the directors of Splash would not advertise the fact and i doubt they'd make it clear to Trading Standards.

The facts are as such: both firms are run for Jersey (as are a few other dvd suppliers) but these ones use dodgy sounding business centres and don't seem to have any proper premise. One started up just after the other closed down. Both seem to use exactly the same supplier. Both have some employees in common. Both websites started out in a remarkably similar way and both seem to have used the same sort of software and ordering system. The customer service is also remarkably similar - in that's it's not great. Both come from the same area of Jersey AND to top it off there were enough allegations for Trading Standards to look into it.

Given the fact that there are not aways the cheapest and given the similarities i don't think it's unreasonable to avoid them EVEN if they aren't the exact same company. That's for two reasons mainly: 1) we're not covered by UK consumer protection law there and 2) they have absolutely no track record of being a competent supplier (and mud does stick).

I, personally, would advise anyone using them to pay by credit card and not debit card - so that at least they are covered that way.

As for MSYam's comment "You seem very defensive of BlahDVD. Do you work for the cowboys or what?" I reckon it's a fair assumption because it's either that or Aretak has some sort of weird obsession with Splash - he's never able to stop the urge to post that email from Trading Standards and ever single opportunity.

Greg Hook

Moderator & Reviewer
Firstly this is the DVD BARGAINS forum. For discussion of DVD BARGAINS.

Secondly foul and abusive replies MSYam are not appreciated on this forum. Temporary bans will result from such replies.

Closing this thread as it has all been discussed many many times before.

Stuart Wright

AVForums Founder
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MSYam said:
Why would I make something like this up you dumb fudge

Permanent ban for abusive language.
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