Warning! Avoid this DVD at all costs!!!


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I borrowed this Indian war movie DVD, from a friend of mine last week. All I can say is thank god I didn't shell out money for it.

The film, is called "L.O.C. Kargil" (aka "Line Of Control"). It's basically about the Pakistan invasion of Kargil, in 1999. It's supposed to be based on a true event, but my history of India is practically nil, so I can't confirm or deny this.

Anyway, the reasons are numerous as to why you should avoid this Limited Edition 2-disc DVD, and are as follows:

- It's a poor-person's version of "Saving Private Ryan".

- The film runs over 4 hours, and is dull, dull, dull, dull, dull! A bit of shooting, a lot of running about and that's practically it.

- The English subtitles are appalling, even to the point that they censor the swearing with asterisks, squirlies and at symbols, so you get. "Eat this, you [email protected]_+%%ing son of a b**%":>!" It's a joke! Especially, since the film is an 18 certificate!!

- The Main Menu doesn't work properly, and frequently ceases-up, forcing you to eject the disc and start all over again. (Tried on 3 different DVD players, with the same problems.)

- You are forced to watch an Indian DVD online rental trailer, before you get to the main menu, which cannot be skipped or jumped from.

- Before the film itself, there is another Indian film trailer, which again, cannot be skipped past.

- For a film made less than 1 year ago, the print is in appallingly awful condition! It's extremely soft in detail, full of nicks and scratches, sound loss, and even the odd picture jump.

- Once you are on the Main Menu, you can't stop the disc. You have to eject it, to stop it from playing! Bad! Bad! Bad!

- The film is spread over two discs, and although there are chapter headings in the booklet and on the Main Menu to select from, the disc has been designed so that all you get when watching the film itself, is the word "PLAY" on your DVD player. You can't actually skip through the chapters, or work out how much you've watched of the film, or how much you have left to watch! Again, a very bad DVD design problem!

- The Limited Edition 25th Anniversary of Eros International, the company who release Indian DVD's in the UK, have released the film over two discs, with a nice thick book. However, the discs themselves, are held in crappy cardboard inserts, like those little sleeves that Woolworths store their CD's and DVD's in! This means, scratched discs ahoy! Boo!

All-in-all, the set is just one of the worst DVD presentations I've ever seen, even if you go back to the old DVD release of "Fargo" in 4:3 with lousy picture and no extras, when DVD had only just started to arrive in retail stores in the UK.

I can only ask that no one buys this set, and if you must, don't say I didn't give you a fair warning about how horrible this is! A total travesty of 21st Century DVD production! :mad:

If you want more details, just visithere to read more.


Gary D

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Pooch, do we take it you didnt like this DVD then?

thanks for the heads up, i quite like Bollywood pictures (some of the funniest/moving pictures i've seen) but i dont go out of my way to buy them.



another dvd to avoid........................ CAT IN THE HAT............................ GOD AWFULL


Man, you gotta work to release a DVD that bad. I bet randomly selecting options on a freeware DVD menu app would produce a better release.


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Pooch, yes it is about the Kargill War, it became one of the highest battlegrounds in the history of warfare, Indian troops had to climb in excess of 16,000 ft under sniper fire to engage the enemy.

There was alot of hand-to-hand combat as resupplying trrops was nearly impossible in the mountains and weather conditions, so once ammunition had run out, the bayonets/daggers were used.

Basically a viscious little war, lots of bravery and good ingrediants for a factual film, I avoided LOC on the reviews alone as alot of my friends had seen it the pics and hated it, pity.

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