WARNING: Avdeco Plasma TV stand EXPLODED


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Wow, I didn't know that happened with safety glass :eek:


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safety glass is very strong,but you bang it on the corner and it does explode,literally explode.

i used to strip offices,and this sort of glass is often there.have to be very careful with it.on a plus note when it does break it breaks into round pebbles, not sharp shards.just be well clear when it smashes.

that guy was lucky not to be sitting infront of it


Is it just me that thinks the poster on AVS doth protest too much and something seems a bit fishy :) ... eg how come the glass suddenly gave way...how come the other gear is fine after 50kg of plasma fell onto it...I think maybe the glass took a bit of a knock when moving something. Just maybe.


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I've just been reading the hysterior caused by the original linked thread, and shaking my head at all the misinformation regarding the use of glass for TV units.

My background is as a structural engineer and designer that for many years was specialising in the use of glass - glass facades, stairs, shelving, flooring - all amnner of structures. And I can say that 'toughened' or 'tempered' glass is perfectly suitable to support plasma screens.

Bit I don't want to debate the quality control of chinese manufacturers or distributing companies.

Toughened glass is not more susceptable to point loading than normal glass but there are risks associated with using toughened glass. The talk of hairline cracks and air bubbles being the cause I think are wrong, the glass woudln't survive the temperng process and testing. But there are impurities that remain, and the worst is Nickel Sulphide. Not a problem for normal glass but when heated in the tempering process, this impurity changes phase and actually reduces in size. But at some later unknow time it will revert to its prior phase and will increase in size, causing the glass to shatter. Nickel Sulphide is virtually imposible to detect but all tempered glass should be heat soak tested. Any panels containing this impurity should fail then but maybe upto 1 in 1000 are missed at the manufacturing stage.

I believe this glass shelf failed simply because of this impurity, not necessarily misuse, changes in temperature, or incorrect application.

Make your own mind up about how safe your plasma is on glass. I would have no hesitation.



P.S. I'm new here and will soon be asking questions like which is the best plasma for me :D


WOW, went through most of these threads after I joined. This one really stood out and just had to post. I had the exact same thing happen to me with my glass top table. My sister was sitting there just watching TV and it literally just exploded when she puts her elbows on it. I felt good that day, dad always told her to keep them off of there... Now she does it even now that we have a wood table.

But anyways, I am really glad that we have mostly wood, and even my entertainment center is a wood tv stand. We used to have one with glass doors but one cracked and it was just too unsafe.

Funny no matter how advanced we get that we still use the same materials as we have for the last few thousand year.
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