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Warning about Movietyme returns


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I have used Movietyme for quite a while, in fact I’ve bought the vast majority of my HD-DVDs from them. Some discs have taken a little longer than expected but overall they have been pretty good. That is until I tried to return a scratched disc. I sent the disc back using their returns process on the 23rd of July, now nearly a month later they are saying they will send the scratched disc back to me if it plays correctly. I find this totally unacceptable, it’s not like I have returned a lot of discs this way, it’s only 1 out of 30+ HD-DVDs. Is it too much to expect a replacement for discs that arrive marked or scratched?


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The law aside, I think you deserve a replacement disc as a valued customer. BUT, I think they are trying to imply that since the disc was sealed (assuming it was), it's not their responsiblity that the disc was scratched and they would blame it on Royal Mail. Maybe you can ask them to help you get compensation from Royal Mail. If you :censored: about it, they might just not help at all so ask nicely.


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It didn’t look to me like something that happened in transit, more likely it was like that when put in the box at the factory. In any case Movietyme are still responsible for the disc up until the point of delivery.


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...In any case Movietyme are still responsible for the disc up until the point of delivery.

I understand what your problem is but I think Moveityme isn't 100% responsible for the scratched disc. By the way, is the case cracked/damaged as well?


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I understand what your problem is but I think Moveityme isn't 100% responsible for the scratched disc.

If by responsible you mean did they cause the scratch then you are probably right they didn't.

If by responsible you mean are they responsible for ensuring the purchased product is in perfect condition when it arrives at the customer via their chosen delivery method then yes they are 100% responsible.

If the product is scratched then it is immaterial whether the disc plays or not, a scratched car still drives but no-one would accept a new one with a scratch on it.

For someone who clearly is a very good customer however none of this should matter, it would make far more business sense to replace the product than lose a customer I would have thought


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I've had DVD's which had faults but no discernable marks to indicate this and on that springs to mind is X3 which stuttered alot towards the end of the film and sendit posted a replacement before they recieved the disc back from me, top quality service as it should be.

I think there is a movietyme rep on here, have a search and maybe PM him

Paul Moran

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A few points:

- a scratch = damage, and new DVDs are not supposed to be damaged

- even if it plays on their machine, it might not play on yours

- even if it plays on your current machine, there's no guarantee it will play on your new machine, when you eventually buy it

- the scratch reduces its resale value; no matter how well you look after it, you won't be able to sell it on as "like new"

HOWEVER…before complaining further, you need to look very carefully at their Terms and Conditions, perhaps in their Returns Policy, to see whether they say anything about scratched DVDs. Most sites require you to accept their T&Cs before placing an order.


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Don't forget they aren't a UK company, so they aren't subject to UK consumer laws. You'd like to think that they'd at least replace the disc though, as a matter of goodwill.


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They replaced my scratched Superman Returns HD-DVD without a quibble. It had come loose in transit.

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