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I'm not usually one to rant and rave but I feel I have to warn anybody who is thinking about using 'lovefilm' as an online rental service.
I have been a customer of theirs since they started as 'dvd's on tap'. I've had the odd problem with them having bouts of really slow turnaround, but I always gave them another chance and stayed a loyal customer when I could have easily used one of the other numerous companies.
Boy do I wish I had left them ages ago.
I'm in the process of moving house at the moment, so I cancelled my subscription until I could get settled in my new house. I cancelled the subscripton and sent the remaining dvd's back on the 26th of last month as my billing date is the 2nd of each month.
As soon as I cancelled, they charged me for another month!:confused:
To cut a long story short, there has been numerous e-mails going back and forth. No matter what I say, they refuse to help in any way. They refuse to admit they billed me early (even though I have the credit card statement to prove it) I had e-mails which didn't make any sense such as 'your next selection will be posted':confused: (er ......hello I've cancelled my subscription!!)
Now I'm being told that they haven't received one of the two titles that I returned, and refuse to refund my money ( although if I re-join I can have the month that i have already paid for!! cheeky feckin ******s!!:eek: )
It's the same woman who keeps replying to the e-mails, and even though I ask her to forward the contact details of her superior, she refuses to do so!!!
I've never experienced disgusting behaviour like this from a company which I have used a for such a long time.
If they had just give me back my money which they had no right to take, I would have respected them for sorting it out , and I would have re-joined next month. They obviously have no respect for long serving customers.
I would be interested to know if the owners of the company know that customers are being treated this way by their so called customer service.
I apologise for boring you all with this, but I feel it is my reponsibility to warn everybody about this disgusting company.

LOVEFiLM do not deserve the custom of honest, loyal people.


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Some subscription services charge you a months subscription for cancelling. (In effect you must give a months notice) Does the terms of service state this is the case?

Drew C

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You can supposedly cancel at any time.You pay a month in advance, so as long you have returned your currently rented dvds before your next billing date , you shouldn't be charged for a month that you are not going to be renting any titles. In effect, I was charged twice in the same month.


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I've just cancelled after doing the free trial and one month of actual subscription. I returned the dvds in time and deleted my dvd queue list. I went to the site and my account still looked active. I emailed them to confirm that my account has been closed and no reply as yet after at least a couple of days. Frankly reading the above experience I think I'm going to be charged. They certainly are thieves if I am.

I wonder if they have financial problems and too many people are taking the free trial and then cancelling? If so they have been very stupid as you can't blame people when they actively encourage people to try the service. If its causing them problems they should offer a discounted service like half price for the first 3 months. That way the can at least break even or make small loses on the service.

To be honest I'm trying them all out thanks to the free trials and then decide on which company I want to use at the end.


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As predicted they pretended one of my returns hadn't turned up in time and charged me for an extra month but did say they would refund my money or give me a extra free week rental. I decided to cancel and here's hopeing that they have refunded as was their word. I must admit I won't go back to them as I can't stand companies like this. Its plainly theft when they pretend a dvd has arrived late so they can charge you an extra month.


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i to have had problems with lovefilm or dvd on tap canceled that had the same problem canceling, stay clear of screenselect i was with them after and they were worse, the trouble i had with them you would not beleive at first they were excelent but after a few months i wasnt even getting 1 dvd a week on the 3 dvd subscription. so now with mailbox movies very good but not as much choice as the others.


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