Warner - Why No Dirty Harry Uk Boxsets?


What is it with Warner and releasing boxsets in the UK?

First the excellent Forbidden Planet dvd tin was denied a R2 release and Warner continue denying the UK key releases.

The 5 discs Blade Runner set was dvd only in the UK - if you wanted the 5 disc Bluray set you had to import it.

Same with Harry Potter - the dvd boxset was there but the complete collection on Bluray was again only available for import - and now they're doing it again with Dirty Harry.

The Bluray complete collection is US only even though the boxset will be on dvd in the UK.

Why are Warner shortchanging the UK all the time.
I know we can import them but thats not the point.

Warner also continue to deny Logans Run and Time After Time to the UK several years after they came out on R1


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Proabably because the market is not big enough in the UK yet for Blu-Ray to warrant such a big release :( just import it it will be cheaper anyhow and as it's warner it's gonna be region-free - np :D

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