Warner 'Digibook' Cases


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Has anyone seen any of these new Digibook cases that Warner is starting to use in place of 'traditional' Blu-ray cases? It always amuses me that one of the few things that HD DVD and Blu-ray agreed on was the packaging specifications - and now Warner has broken ranks :rolleyes: Warner of course pioneered the unpopular (and rubbish) half-cardboard DVD cases back at the launch of that format.


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The only one i have is Dirty Harry , quite a nice idea overall, a nice feel to the packaging and about 10-15 pages in the book ,the only problem is that they are taller than a usual Blu case so it looks a bit out of place on my shelf.


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the only problem is that they are taller than a usual Blu case so it looks a bit out of place on my shelf.
:rolleyes: Typical! I find that really quite annoying TBH. If anything such non-compatible packaging stops me buying discs rather than anything else. It's juts like the 'bad early' days of DVD where every disc came in a different style case!


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These are US only though,right?

Bonnie and Clyde UK release is the standard box,whereas the US got the digibook.


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I purposely purchased the US version of Bonnie and Clyde over the UK copy because of it's book style packaging, and I must admit that I quite like it. The 30 or so pages of information included definitely put one over on the bog standard blu-ray case.

Steve McQueef

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I'm not buying any of them. I even more annoyed that JFK isn't getting packaging like the DVD re-release. It looks gorgeous.

Jim Morrison

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I have the Dirty Harry and One Flew Over The cuckoo's Nest Digibooks and I really like them. The lack of aesthetic continuity when shelved with standard Blu-ray cases no longer bothers me. I'll definitely be picking up Poltergeist, JFK, Shawshank & Matrix 'books when they are released.


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To be fair, they're not that much taller than a standard case. If you can fit a normal BD on your shelf, but these are too tall, you're flippin' unlucky.

With everything from VHS, to LD, to CD, to DVD, we've had normal cases and larger 'spec ed' cases - it's nothing new, and these are less different in size (and nicer) than many previous attempts.

Steve W

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Rubbish... Total Rubbish IMHO. :thumbsdow :mad:

I hated the SD-DVD cardboard boxes :mad: and these look no better.. What's wrong with a simple plastic case that's fine for 99% of the studios?? :confused:

They get battered and crushed so easily. I really hope this isn't a money saving scheme on a premium product! :rolleyes:

I for one will not buy any BR's in these cases. :lease:
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I've got three of these (Dirty Harry, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Bonnie & Clyde) and really like them. At the very least, they give the impression that Warner has spent some time putting together the catalogue release in question.

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