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Warhammer Dark Omen texture/graphic problem

Discussion in 'PC Gaming & Rigs' started by Kildare, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. Kildare


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    I've managed to get my hands on an old game called Warhammer: Dark Omen(there's a thread here referring to it too).

    I'm using an NVidia card and i managed to get past the freezing intro problem and even managed to get into the game menu.

    The problem starts when I actually get into the game. The thing here is, the game actually runs and I can see the units and even the command consoles, BUT i CAN'T SEE THE BLOODY BACKGROUND! All they give me is total blackness with the units running around on top it.

    Someone help?
  2. Setenza

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    Jun 17, 2002
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    A bit late but this may help:

    How to get Warhammer: Dark Omen to run in Windows XP:

    1) Install the game. It really does not matter whether you choose maximum, minimum or normal installation. I, however, like to just install the maximum; it'll run faster.
    2) Run the game. It takes a little while to load, but just let i work.
    3) When the Electronic Arts logo begins, the picture should be completely fudged up. There is a lot of odd tearing and basically it's unwatchable. Now you have to press "Alt + tab" to switch away from Dark Omen. This will hopefully land you on the desktop. Now all you have to do is pres "Alt + tab" again to get you into the game, and voilá: the screen is normal. *Big smile now*
    4) Now you have to enter the options menu: Put the first option (rendering device) to "CPU"
    Every other option can be put to max. EXCEPT COLOUR CURSORS I cannot stress that enough.
    5) Now you say, "But GWiZ, I'm not colourblind, why should I look at black and white cursors!?" Never fear GWiZ is here. You see, the technique used to show black and white cursors is enormously simple, and therefore I've converted the colour cursors used in the game to the format, the black and white cursors use. These cursors are available here: do_newcursors.zip (28KB Zip archive).
    6) After you download the cursors extract them to the following directory: "darkomen-directory"\Graphics\Cursors . Don't worry if you overwrite the old black and white files. If you for some reason need the old files, you can find them on the Dark Omen cd, or you can download them here: do_orgcursors.zip (9KB Zip archive)
    7) You are done. You can now play Dark Omen with colour cursors and everything.
    Just remember that every time you run the game you have to Alt + tab your way out of the game, and back in again. This removes the tearing of the screen.
    If you have any problems with this, just send me a mail, and I'll explain it more clearly or something.

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