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Hi All,

I am designing a 12V LED lighting setup for my built-in wardrobe. I am using only LED strip lighting (see diagram attached & examples below).

This is how the LED Strips will be used:

Area 1 - Above shoes in shoe rack - Example
Area 2,3,4 - In front of clothe hanger - Example

- 200W LED Driver - Link Here
- LED Dimmer - Link Here
- LED Strip Light - Link Here

Would appreciate advice on if i have selected the correct power supply & dimmer for the job and if i am missing anything.

Couple of questions

1. Is using 3528 LED ok for this purpose, i am avoiding 5050 LED because of the higher power consumption but i am worried about brightness. There are halongens in the room and woried they will drown out the lower illumination from the 3528 compared to the 5050. Having used 5050 (60 LED/m) for another project i know it will definately be bright enough but avoiding it due to the higher power consumption.

2. If using the 3528, does it make sense to use 60 LED/m for area 1 (Smaller area to fill) and 120 LED/m for area's 2,3,4 as they need to light up more area. by using 60 LED/m for area one i think i am able to stick to 200W power supply.

3. What colour should i select for the LED in this application (wardrobe). I normally stick with warm white for the home but maybe i should pick white in this case?

4. What size wire would be suitable if longest run from LED Driver to LED Strip is 9m?

Thanks in advance and apologies if this is in the wrong section.


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Hi wrexter, I see you are from Australia. I'm an electrician in the UK, so taint that with any advice I give.

When selecting LED tape, dimmers & drivers I would advise approaching one manufacturer and obtaining a bespoke kit, rather than obtaining the various bits & pieces yourself. Whilst purchasing the items separately, you could obtain satisfactory results, you do run the risk of compatibility especially with dimmers. Also the quality & safety of some of these products, are sometimes questionable, dependant on their place of purchase.

As regards your last question, runs of 3m should present no problems with a cable size of 1.5mm (or equivalent). Again a reputable manufacture would be able to advise.

You may also wish to seek advice from a local competent electrician, about providing the power supplies for such an installation, and complying with wring regulation and local building regulations, if the latter is applicable.

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