War of the Worlds-£9.99 @ Play


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Bargain. Just gonna post this meself!

Big fan of this and will watch it the same day it arrives.


Tempting especially as Amazon has price matched. However, I am now fed up buying and the films are cheaper before I even get to watch the disc. I thought £4.97 was good for The Mask and now it is £3.97.

I would be more interested if it was Minority Report.


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Surey this will be in the 2 for £18's in no time.

Reminds me when will the 3for2 offers be back?


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£10's a great price point as long as the product is spot on. It is here for sure. Lovely. Andrew Mogford's review www.avforums.com/movies/index.php?showmediareview=10168

I'll go over £10 for Criterion but no others (so far). If it's just an update of something I rarely watch then I'll wait. And wait and wait sometimes.

Just a matter of how much you want it. I'll watch this the day I get it cos I ain't seen it in donkeys and by the time you add in the chocolate iceream, liquorice allsorts, salted peanuts and skoosh, I think it'll be a good deal for me :D


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Thanks matey, Ordered:thumbsup:

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