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The exploitation of animals for our own gain has been around for thousands of years, be it as simple as having a pet, or holding sway over vast numbers of animals culling their milk, fur or meat. Indeed it is this reliance on livestock that changed the very nature of human existence and created civilisation as we know it; no longer hunter/gatherer but farmer. Of all the animals that we humans have dominated it is perhaps the horse that is the most versatile. Its very nature means it is a very adaptable creature, able to hold a rider, pull a carriage or more, race for entertainment or even hold a line in the battlefield. It is a testament to horses adaptability (or might that be man’s domination of it) that is it still used today in much the same way as it has been over the course of history. Mounted police are a very imposing sight, imagine then many hundreds of the same fully armed lined up on a battlefield. For many hundreds of years the greatest military victories were...

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Alan Paterson

Active Member
I wanted to like this movie too, but just couldn't get pulled in by it. I remember seeing a similar story in a film from the 50's about a horse that goes to war. Just wish I could recall the title. There were so many threads to 'War Horse', each of which attempted to pluck at the old heart strings, but just left me thinking 'Get your mucky fingers out of my heartstrings.'
I might be prejudiced as I've worked with several horse lovers - and they've all been barking mad - but I'm sure there must have been some people blubbing into the Kleenex by the end.
Still, not the worst film ever - but for an animal weepie, 'Lassie Come Home' takes some beating.


PS- Simon, are you trying to move in on Mad Mac's territory with over 3000 word movie reviews?:devil:

Simon Crust

Movie Reviewer
Cheers Al,

managed to get my teeth into this one, it just seemed to need the treatment for the very reasons you point out



Only rented the blu ray. The first hour or so I found to be a little twee, almost like a typical Hollywood vision of early 20th century Britain. When the action came it was well orchestrated as you would expect from Spielberg.

As for the sound, it was nothing short of fantastic. You had an early example during the thunderstorm, which rumbled on as if it were right over your head. Then the battlefield which immersed in the artillery barrage. Gave everything in my system a good workout.

Unfortunately for me this film is not a keeper.

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