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Jul 9, 2007
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Can anyone recommend a wireless access point with really strong WIFI coverage? It needs to sit next to an existing router in a corner of an apartment, get through a pretty thick wall and then about 50m further the other side. It’s for an apartment in Spain so need to get this right first time if possible.

I think Linksys used to do a router with a big antenna (upgradable option), if anyone can recommend a solution used in a simular scenario it would be appreciated :smashin:.

No they can't.

Even if they could, wi-fi is a two way street (AP's transmit to clients, clients transmit to AP's) so even if you could "fix" you reception problem with a "more powerful router," you'd also have to beef up all your client devices so they could transmit a equally powerful signal in the reverse direction.

Think of it this way: Imagine you're having a regular spoken conversation with someone through a wall. Now move far enough away from the wall that you can no longer hear your counterpart. Now "fix" the problem by having your counterpart talk louder (emit a "more powerful signal.) How is your counterpart going to hear your replies unless you talk louder too....?

"More signal from the AP" is not the universal omni-fix for wi-fi coverage problems. You have to consider both sides of the conversation.

In any case, most wi-fi kit (clients and AP's) is already at or near the legally permitted maximums. There's no uber-router out there with "twice the power" (or whatever) of everything else.
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