Wanting To Buy A New PC *Input GREATLY Appreciated*



What's up fellas?

I'm looking into buying a new PC, which I intend on using primarily for the following...

1: Downloading/burning music
2: Typing class reports
3: Video editing
4: Watching/recording television

Myself and some friends of mine have been making some short videos recently and I love the filming aspect, but I'd like to be more involved in the editing process. I've also seen Windows Media Center recently, which I think is neat as well. It would be convenient for me to be able to watch television while working on a paper or whatnot, as well as being able to record things if I'm not able to watch them live.

I was looking into getting a Dell computer...but the cheapest one I could scrounge up that met what I'm told are good video editing standards was about $850. Needless to say, I'm scrounging money for tuition so every penny counts.

Now I saw a commercial for some circuit city PCs...I log on to the website and find this...


Now bear in mind, I don't need a fantastic editing suite...I'm just looking for something that I will be able to edit on without any tedious slowdowns due to the computers hardware, and something that can handle the installation of a tv tuner card for watching/recording television (which is an additional $95 http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/ATI-HDTV-Wonder-TV-Tuner-DVR-PCI-Video-Card-100714127-/sem/rpsm/oid/154212/catOid/-13011/rpem/ccd/productDetail.do[url]). Two other things... I should start this by saying that, although I enjoy editing through adobe premiere, I don't know much about computers in general:) First, I checked the computer I'm on now (an older computer) and it runs on 2.66GHz. This new one I'm looking at runs on 2.4GHz. I won't lie, I don't know what that means...but I would assume a higher number is better. If that's the case...is this something I should worry about? Also, in the event that both of those products (the pc and the tuner) in my first post are up to par with what I'm looking for...is the tuner compatible with that PC? I'm not exactly computer savvy...I compared the requirements, and everything seems to match up, but I'd rather be certain. I'm always hesitant to take apart a computer (especially if it's new:-p) All in all...if this can work for what I want...I'd be coming away spending $200 less than I would with Dell...and that to me is a tremendous chunk of change. So what do you think...would this be a wise investment for my intentions? I know it's a long read, but I would greatly appreciate any input. Thanks for any thoughts/opinions! -Ethan


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Wow, long post! I take it from the fact you quote prices in dollars you are in the USA? This is actually a UK biased site - despite the fact is has a .com name!

You might want to give Dell more consideration. You can get good deals at Dell Outlet - a dual core Pentium D CPU would give you the power you need. They also come with Media Center Edition.

Unless you are really nervous about installing hardware in a PC, I wouldn't buy the TV tuner from Dell, as you can get the same thing for less money elsewhere.


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Don't buy Dell.

You will be trapped into the current HW, with little or no support for upgrades and drivers.

You will have limited (READ Crap) access to your MoBo and CPU settings, restore partitions (Arrrgghhh!) and numerous other problems that occur. Oh, yeah, and also stupidly overpriced to boot :mad: .

Source the individual components you need yourself, buy cheap on-line and google how to build you own PC. It is sooooo easy, if you have ever made a model airplane, then you can follow the instructions to build a PC.

If this is too daunting, again buy the bits yourself, and pay a local PC shop a small fee to assemeble and install SW. Save yourself a packet!

You then have the freedom to swap/add/change/remove etc HW depending upon your current needs. For example, I'm pretty sure no Dell PC has an uber-spanking HW encoding video graphics editing card installed :thumbsdow . If you really get into it, and buy a dual core and 4Gb ram etc then this method would be great for your needs...



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I did as Miceri suggested
Except that I specified the computer I wanted
(with a lot of help from a tech savvy friend)

Then faxed the specs to five computer stores in my area of town

The prices I received for the computer, built to my spec, were cheaper than I could buy the individual parts for

And some of the suggestions for improving my design were well worth doing


Don’t worry about the criticism from Stiggy
as Miceri is from Stockholm
I’m from Brisbane Australia
Stiggy is the only member on this thread from the UK :D


If you're atudent, it's got to be a macbook hasn't it?:thumbsup:

You can still go back to Windows if you must, but you don't need to.
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