Wanted: Tips for HTC Pro (like s/ware, screens, etc)


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Just got a new (2ndhand but basically new) HTC Pro from a user here.

It has previosuly been locked to vodafone and last update i think is from 2008 so not had a chance to update yet.

Anyway, all screenshots of this phone have the lovely large clock, black and white screen.

mine is green.
checking through installed themesm there are guave, windows green, a couple of vodafone ones...

Is it because it was previously a vodaphone HTC that there are limited screen options?

Once I update the ROM will i have the very flashy b&w version touchflo as seen in the quickstart guide for example?



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i think it is just touchflo installed, instead of touchflo3f, there are so many ROMs etc there...

my phone is unlocked, i do not know if:
it will remain unlocked, inspite of what else i do install
if i am required still to only install vodafone updates (phone previously on vodafone)
if other utilities have been installed that i don't know about...

oh, the excitement... :)

I cannot tell either if the official HTC Pro updates (that include hot fixes for touchflo3d) actuall also will Install tf3d, or only fix it if it's already there.

my themes only have windows basic, windows green, vodafone, guarana and something else.


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So, installed the latest HTC pro software and...
everything works really well. I think some of the XDA type improvements have made it across to the HTC software.

TouchFlo3D is included and I have the black screen i wanted.
Phone has remained unlocked (and works just dandy with my 3G type service with a company called yoigo in spain)
Battery life is decent - 2-3 days and still playing around with the phone too
not accidentally shut off any calls with my ears either, and the slide to answer has been incorporated also into the HTC software.

very happy with this phone!

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