Wanted PT-AE100 or Z1 demo in surrey area


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Can anyone help, desperate to see one in the real world, preferably in daylight so I can see how picture is not in black room.




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Bit out of your way methinks, but I'd be happy to give you a demo of my Z-1....in Cambridge.

I have it running via a standalone DVD player, PAL and NTSC progressive.

Peter Parker

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If you find anywhwere let us know - have you thought about Totenham Court Road? I saw a few Sony pjs up there and a few different type screens a couple of years ago, so they may have moved on abit since then...

I'm in Surrey too, so I'll keep an eye out (Minority Report comes to mind when I say that now.. :) ).



Hi John
I'm based in South East London & would be happy to give you a demo.
Running AE100 via standalone DVD pal/NTSC prog scan :)

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