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i've already got a Synology 1511 5 bay NAS drive and want to replace it with something larger (this one will be for sale soon as well)

its for my movie collection only btw

Can you guys recommend something larger, maybe up to 8 bay and even rack mountable

Also what drives are recommended these days, mine are WD Red (or black) i seem to remember supposed to be good for 24/7/12 use

Also how do i transfer all my movies from one NAS to the other

cheers and i have to say i do like Synology as its been faultless up to now



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I believe for ease when swapping its best to stick with what you have? I have a synology im thinking of replacing as well.


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I have been thinking of a newer synology nas. With the newer DS920+ etc becoming available soon, hopefully other nas's will get cheaper.

Looking at youtube videos, it seems that migrating from one syno to another is pretty easy & you keep all of your data.

One thing, in my case, my nas doesn't have btrfs, but the new one will, if I want btrfs I will have to start from scratch & copy data back.
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Sorry, just saw 5 bay. :facepalm:
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You don't necessarily need more bays then, 4TB is pretty small for a HDD.

16TB's is the largest currently available. The issue is getting the data off your current setup and that's where the question of RAID comes in.

If you go into your Diskstation WebUI it will tell you what RAID type you've implemented in the Storage Manager


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What's your budget? a DS1618+ might be pretty good if you could afford it, and you don't necessarily have to fully populate it to start with. If you purchase at least 3 or 4 12tb or 14tb drives in a raid5 config, you could fit all your current data.

That said, I would always recommend buying the largest you could afford, and fully populating the NAS for the best performance. More drives = more read/write heads to access the data.

Of course, there's always the DS1819+...
If you go beyond 6 drives I'd recommend raid 6 or you'll be in for a world of hurt at some point.

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I'd recommend using Synologys own SHR (Synology Hybrid Raid) as, with just a few rules, you can switch out drives for larger ones and still get the full use of the drives.

I've been using it in my 8-bay for a few years, started off with 3's, 4's and 6TB's drives. It's now all 10TB's and all I've ever had to do was remove a drive and replace it and it just kept working. It made a bit of extra noise as it spent a day rebuilding the array but just kept working all the while.

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