Wanted: LCD projector parts.



HELP! I'm trying to repair a projector, and I am looking for an LCD driver chip. Does anyone know a source for projector parts?
Check out the info below....maybe someone can point me aright.

The driver is used in a Mitsubishi X120 projector (also Telex P1000, Dukane Imagepro 8700, Polaroid Polaview 335, and JVC DXL1000).

If any of your projectors have the chip and carrier module I need, I'll gladly buy them.

Essentially, the assembly is a chip marked:
EPSON 1997

The chip is surface mounted in a blue interconnect module marked: 7308D

This module is also mounted into the board.

if you have this part in any of your projectors, or if you have a broken projector of any of the models above, or a board from those projectors, please let me know!

Many thanks,

T. Ching

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