Wanted...DVI Lead


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Can anyone recommend a retailer who will be able to supply a good quality 5 metre DVI lead for my A11 to Z2? My local supplier in Birmingham is having difficulty in sourcing one. Thanks.


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Thanks, I gave them a look. The Lindy cable seems criminally cheap. Are they any good ar just tat? The DisplayMagic ables are more in the price range I expected.


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The Lindy ones are just fine. Screw connectors are a bit weak but otherwise just fine. My 10m one works perfectly with the HTPC but my Yamakawa DVI player will not sync via it. However, a 9m Bettercables one (6 times the price) did not work either. I would suggest going no longer than 7.5m with the Lindy ones. Shorter than that will be just fine.


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I belive the maximum recomended distance for DVI-D is 7 meters. But it depends on the Source and the Display, as they vary how sensetive they are.

My undertsnading is also that it will either work or not, no inbetween stage with DVI-D or HDMI.

I run the Lindy 5m cable and a 3m HDMI - DVI cable it works fine.


hdmi cable??

where can i get one from? and any recomendations?

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