(Wanted) Cheapest places for Angel buffy boxsets



where can i find all angel and buffy season boxset as cheap as possible?

amazon uk in about 3 months ;) all priced at £26.
www.cd-wow.com has the Angel ones for £27.99, and the Buffy ones for £30ish.

Only on region 1 though, and there's a chance you'll get stung for customs charges (i have the last 2 times i've ordered them, was £9ish for me each time..)
I was lucky with my buffy purchase from CDWOW !
Probably not if I try it again.

Another small issue I have is that some of the region-1 buffy's are 4:3, whereas the region-2 are 16:9.
I was a little disappointed.

r2 buffy seasons 1,2 and 3 are 4:3. season 4 onwards are 16:9.
If you don't mind all Region 1 versions, without a doubt "Enterprises DVD" are cheapest for them all. I got stung on Customs Duty from CD Wow on first Buffy Season. Since then I have used Enterprises with no problems and no Customs Duty or Shipping charges. All Buffy boxsets are £35-£40 or less and Angel boxsets priced much the same.

Buffy: http://www.enterprisesdvd.com/r1/se...+Vampire+slayer&Submit=Search&search_region=1

Angel: http://www.enterprisesdvd.com/r1/se...nal_query=angel&Submit=Search&search_region=1

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