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Question Wanted: an amp with good connectivity!


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Not an easy one, but I think I'm in the best place to find an answer.

I use a Virgin set-top box as a radio. Far better reception (cable) than through an aerial. However, it means that I have to (a) link it up to a screen (I use a small TV) for seeing what programmes are on, and for recording them, and (b) link it up to a decent sound-system as well (going through the small TV is obviously useless for sound).

So I have an HDMI output on the set-top box, and a SCART output. I go from the HDMI to the HDMI input on the TV, and from the SCART output to RCA input on my old Sony amp.

I also have a separate Sony CD player, which goes RCA to RCA into the amp.

Now, what I'd rather have is a modern amp (with CD player) into which I could plug my set-top box, either via the HDMI line or the SCART/RCA line. I'd obviously still need the TV to see what I was doing.

Most modern amps don't have this sort of connectivity, or if they do (like my old Sony), don't have a built-in CD player. So, any ideas where I can buy such a thing, and update my old bits?




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Marantz mcr611 has a cd, analogue input (twin RCA) and digital inputs as does denon d-m41dab


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Well I bow to superior knowledge JayCee.

As you were, Paul, it does have optical. How can I make use of it?


You buy an amp with optical and Aux inputs which are pretty much standard.
EDIT. The Marantz model quoted above has both.
You can Google it's model and download/read the user manual.

So, HDMI out from your Tivo to the Tv as you have at the moment and take the optical out from the Tivo to optical in on the amp.
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