Want to watch a film, but don't have 2 hours to spare? Read on


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So, always wanted to watch a particular film, but don't have the time to spare?

Well now the perfect solution is available

Films available:
Freddy vs. Jason
It's a Wonderful Life
Pulp Fiction
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Big Chill
The Exorcist
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Shining
The War of the Worlds

My personal faves are the Titanic and Pulp Fiction productions

Monty Burns

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excellent! I like it :thumbsup:


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Also check this little gem taken from www.b3ta.com - only 168K

The link at the end of this film is well worth looking into as well if you're up for some serious debate.


Very Funny - lol


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I bet the film studios try and get the site shut down.

This could do some serious damage to their trade.

Could even see the end of HD-DVD before it even began



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Blu-ray woo!

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