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Ok so I have been bitten by the home cinema bug, I brought my current system last year Sony STR DE475 amp and SAV705 speakers. I am now looking towards upgrading my system now and have been considering the Denon 3802 or possibly the 2802.

Question is what do you guys think I would benifit most from first Amp upgrade or speakers? I know the Pascal range of speakers always seem to get a bad review, I personaly don't think my system sounds that bad ;).

I can't really see the wife letting me get another 2 speakers in the front room, so is it worth the extra £???? for the 3802 over the 2802? might get away with another 1.

Opinions most welcome.


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Depends how loud you like it & how many components your gonna connect to it..thats basically the difference between the two..higher power outtage & 7.1 speakers as opposed to 6.1, and slightly more inputs available on the back end.

I went for the 2802 myself..still havent got round to 6.1 yet but the sound is beautiful, and imo excellent for music too..no matter what others may say.

For the extra £150 you can buy quite a few new DVD's to watch with it.

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If you don't think that your system seems bad there may be no point in upgrading but you could be very surprised at how much improvement in sound is available by spending more, even to the untrained ear.

The extra two speakers aren't for everyone and I don't have room for them so go without.

Speakers tend to have a greater impact on the overall sound than amplifiers and you could do worse than listen to the KEF eggs or Gallo whatever they are called speakers. They are both far better than what you have and hopefully discrete enough so that your wife won't complain.

You may want to look at the Denon 1802 or a Yamaha as the 3802 could be overkill.


I would go for speakers first. £600 should get you a nice set, maybe Mission or Tannoy. As for amps, consider selling yours and maybe going for a cheap Marantz (4200/5200).


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