Want to upgrade sound system to have BT and Toslink connectivity need advice.


Dear all avforum users. This is my first post in avforums, after a long time I would like to improve my audio system to have BT and Toslink connectivity.
Current setup: Behringer b3031a (active monitors) + cheap DAC HiFimeDIY UX1 ES9023. One thing that this system lacks is more punch in the low-frequency range, but here comes apo equalizer in play with a simple filter that adds gain to the low end the sound becomes more rich and punchy.
I would like to have the ability to connect my TV (it has optical out and Bluetooth), to those speakers so I was thinking of getting a new DAC. Budget ~250$, I was looking at topping dx3 pro v2 or topping d50s, but I am afraid that using BT or Toslink won't sound as good as from PC with apo equalizer. Do you have any advice on how could I connect my TV and still have a rich low end? Would I need to get a parametric equalizer or graphic equalizer?

Will be waiting for any advice or thoughts on how could I have a similar SQ using BT or Toslink as with PC+apoEQ

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