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I live in 3 storey townhouse and on the top floor is a large room which we have divided into 3 areas, bedroom , office and lounge / tv / cinema.

I've no flexibility to change the layout.

The tv / home cinema area has the following kit

LG55 C9
Marantz NR1607 receiver
B&W 601 Series 3 front left and right
B&W CC6 S2 centre speaker
B&W ASW 600 sub
Onkyo d-11m rear surrounds (not currently wired in and I know they are crap!)

I've attached a couple of images - plan and elevation

I can't move the sofa away from the back wall

The right hand side of the area (looking at the tv) is completely open into the rest of the room

I really like B&W sound, but I'm not tied into them, but cost of upgrades should be as low as possible.
I like having a decent music stereo sound too

I'm happy with the power of the AV receiver (and I think it sounds pretty good too)

I wonder about whether to add ATMOS speakers, but I think the slope of the ceiling is going to a problem and possibly not worth it (see elevation view)

I was wondering whether to get BW M1s for the rears?

Change has to be wife friendly (visually)

Also considering whether to get a Soundbar instead (Sonos Arc?)

I like having a sub, but due to the location (top floor of townhouse, semi-detached) the bass has to be quite measured.

Be really interested to hear your thoughts.....




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Well if you fancy B&W you are shopping at correct time cause the 600 range is now on sale because Anniversary range is coming. Looking the small room size and if keeping speakers closer to wall i would consider 607 and Centre. M1s should work great as surround sides, sadly they are very expensive. You could look used ones, but make sure they are MK2 (2012). The front grille goes all the way to up, in mk1 it doesn´t.

You could keep using the B&W sub if it works. Quick look with Room Simulator program and the in-room response looks lot better at the front wall, but you might not have space there unless buying smaller new sub.

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